Should You Play: Runescape 3 (2018)

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Been a while since I put one of these out, but I’ve been playing a lot of Runescape 3 lately, so I decided I’d try to show off the game and what I’ve been up to!

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L's Down says:

Nah we on 07

evan om says:

Oh my God man wake up before you make a video, splash some water on your face, go for a morning run, beat your meat and then shower away your shame, I don't care just wake up! You're even making me feel sleepy!

Kimberly Gallegos says:

This voice is the most monotone put to sleep voice on YouTube

lilahk95 says:

There’s a lot of really good content in this game but the user interface is horrible and the game holds your hand way too much in the beginning of the game. You can turn off the handholding though if you can navigate the menus. Personally I prefer old school despite how grindy it is.

Chowkin Mc Nuggitt says:

Crafting tutorials, beginner tutorials. There is so much to do it is a bit daunting when thinking about what I should and should not do as a beginner.

Chowkin Mc Nuggitt says:

Great video. Please consider doing a tutorial series.

Jonius7 says:

Great video, I definitely agree that the feeling of exploration, mystery and wonder at exploring the world of RuneScape is really something to not rush through, but to take your time to enjoy.

Though not all areas are open to players at the start (eg: Prifddinas, much of Morytania, Menaphos), the extra levels/quests required to unlock these areas can serve as an extra motivator to progress and explore new things.

:steamsalty: says:

Totally different game now

SR Arnob says:

great video I'm planning on trying out this old gem

Milos Lazovic says:

Great informative video, I didn't know if I should try it, thanks for the guide!

Rs2max ! says:

You should make a runescape from scratch series might help your channel take off!

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