Sneak Peek at Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's Next Big Update!

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In the latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen developer Twitch stream with #CohhCarnage , the Visionary Realms team brought an unconventional group composition on an adventure through Halnir Cave, followed by some never-before-seen previews of the new animations and encounters coming with the next big development milestone, Project Faerthale.

What is Project Faerthale:

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Intro & outro music by Evan King
Intro voiceover by Michael Domeny


jared smith says:

Joppa is incredible I came to find the game because of brad but you can see that brad has taken Joppa completely under his wing these two together will take over the world of mmos imho

Professor Posh says:

What's special about this game?

MrBadintentionss says:

only heard about this project today. now i'll be keeping tabs on their progress. very interested in this!

Horse Ass says:

All the peoole on this game are paying at least $100 a month to play this shit lol. Ill just wait until release then pirate and play free <3 nubs

wonroc1 says:

I like pantheon. I just dont like how the pantheon team is leaning on the streamers who create soo much vomit rather then quality.

Derek Drake says:

In EQOA, paladins had a special buff that made them crazy good dps against undead but it was a very low level spell, most end game paladins didn't even know they had it lol. Old school MMOs had their stereotypical classes but their abilities and builds made the character diverse and useful in almost any situation. If you knew your stuff, you could group up with almost anyone and grind out xp.

I hope the Bard plays similarly, group/aoe buffs with shorter durations and Mana pushers. I used mine as a soloer/tank and it was so much fun lol I had to tank in groups though because my heal pulled so much aggro and I chose the dps path rather than the Mana pushing path. People hated me for that but I could sub tank on raid mobs, it was epic.

I did have a mana pusher though, it was an Erudite Scholar Necromancer. You didn't need a Necro master class to have a phenomenal pet and Scholar had a huge mana pool so I could either drain my enemies of health and heal my pet for days or share my mana with the group, whatever we needed at the time.

Shadowknight was my all time favorite though. It was so overpowered lol You could take on an entire zone of high level monsters at once and never die, never run out of mp, AoE like crazy.. it was insane. God I miss that game. Seraphic Planar Breastplate + Were Hunter damage shield + Arcane resist debuffs = Near Immortality. For every hit you took, you'd drain like 500 hp from the enemy and they only did 30 dmg per hit. I'd love to be able to do that again someday lol

Njin says:

Can you tell them to create real Dragons? And not the terrible GoT Wyverns which even elderscrolls just copied, Dragons walk on 4 legs.

Mike McGinnis says:

I like how at 3:20 it shows Cohh trying to drag a new skill into his hotbar even though in previous streams a dev told him that you can only have 8 active skills only at any given time. He does comment that is was "broke" but… hey guy it wasn't broke , but i understand the pressure of playing with the devs you kind of gloss over some of the details. I watched this live and facepalmed, though i also think there is a refresh penalty if you switch out skills during combat or cannot switch them out. Which brings me to the point of liking the fact that you must customize your skills to either your play style or to the current situation you are in and not have 15 skill spam bars to look over. AND imo looking at hot bars the whole time… you miss the heavenly glory.

temeti to says:

This game dies come August 26th. Shame, no chance in hell it will get a solid release. RIP Pantheon, thanks keeping us waiting, WoW classic will take good care of us.

Snickerdoodle the cookie says:

so just found out about this game and i cant understand how ive never heard of it before what stage of development are they in now if i buy the black rose pledge can i play alpha right now?

Ano says:

I am so excited for this game!

Movie Games says:

I love the work in progress warning. I've never seen a WIP video game that wasn't almost exactly like release.

Gorith says:

I only care that CC is a dedicated role in this game and something that will be needed for group content. This is something that I miss in modern MMOs.

Gamer Voice says:

They need to adopt a skill-chain magic burst type system to add depth to combat.

Ghillie Hoplite says:

a game doesn't need good graphics. a game DOES need a good artstyle however. games like pantheon that aim to have this realistic-looking artstyle never age well, and typically end up looking very bland and boring – the game ends up lacking character. i REALLY hope they work on the artstyle and animations, because to me they can make or break a game.

the new animations in this video honestly look horrible to me, like somebody who just started learning 3D-animations did them. you don't need over-the-top, flashy animations, but come on, those were so stiff and robot-like. i really want pantheon to be great, but at the moment i'm not counting on it, at least not judging by the artstyle and animations :/ hope i get proven wrong 🙂

Mejiro151 says:

Hope the add some weight to the combat animations…nothing worse than feeling like we are whiffing the whole time we attack.

Jessica Dawn says:

Aaaaah! Thank you for this video and the others. Trying not to get too stoked about Pantheon until closer to launch 😀

Orion Xavier says:


mushy says:

People act like they haven't seen the boss in that dungeon. They've shown it in every stream in that dungeon

The Tilla says:

See you in 2022, although looking improved, developing at a glacial pace

Frostadamus says:

Hi, what's the song though the course of the video. So calming 🙂

Binary Buzz says:

lol, game is 10 years to late to the party.

Rhodree Mahr says:

Character animations are noticeably better since I last checked in! Funny, you started to talk about this right as I finished that first sentence. It is clearly getting better with time, although you'd think most sane people know the difference between pre-pre-Alpha and pre-Alpha builds. 😉

ryvrdrgn16 says:

It is looking much better and is swinging the pendulum from WoW Classic to Pantheon even more than it already is. I hope that the team can continue at the pace they are going. I'm looking forward to supporting a game that isn't modern live service garbage.

vincent hamel says:

so, better graphic and animation… but the gameplay still look like a remake of 1999's EQ1 … aka single-digit action per minute to achieve optimal performance…

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