Soul Blade (PS1) Gameplay

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This is Gameplay of Soul Blade on the PS1 as played on a PS2 with texture smoothing on.

Some people may not realize that before there was Soul Calibur, there was Soul Blade (aka Soul Edge). It is the precursor to the Soul Calibur series.

Soul Blade is my personal favorite fighting game on the PS1. What really makes it stand apart from all the rest is it’s quest mode dubbed Edge master Mode, where you take each fighter through a quest to unlock new weapons for them. I actually like the Edge master mode in Soul Blade better than I do the quest mode in Soul Calibur, because you unlock new weapons in it. Each weapon has it’s own individual stats that come into play in the actual battles themselves.

As for the gameplay at hand, I’m playing it on normal, and I play through the arcade mode with Siegfried (who will later be known as Nightmare) using his final weapon (the Soul Edge). As you can see, the Soul Edge makes short work of your opponents as well as drains your life.

For the second part, I’m playing a team battle mode with some of the in-game characters (two of which are hidden characters). In one of the bouts I let Rock beat me so I could move on to the next person on the list.

NOTE: I’m a little rusty at this game, so this isn’t a perfect and pretty playthrough. Also, Siegfried talks about seeking vengeance from his father. As the story goes, it was Siegfried himself who killed his father.


Draven Flores-Rios says:

Why did they change Sophitia’s grapple? That was awesome.

Edit: That launch you did to her afterward needs to come back to the games too! At LEAST when you kill them with it.

megaok1976 says:

german boy ?

CheeseFromHell says:

spent many hours getting beaten by my sister at this game i hated it but would give all i have for just one more day as a kid with this game again

Ava Parker says:

Omg seung mina was my bitch

Ava Parker says:


cwing1028 says:

What was incredible about this game was it had 3 different soundtracks to choose from.

Cam365 says:

Loved Soul Blade ! Played it somwhat later in 1997

Jay J says:

Soul Blade, and Tekken 2, 3, &5 were my go to games, and games I grew up playing.

Salmon Stone says:

Thanks for the video. Such a gr8 game.

Mitch says:

man, I used to sneak into my big bro room to play this game >.<"

Gabri-L Ju AM says:


Simon Hobden says:

best memories!! the gruelling battle ended with the victory of…

lil baby tears says:

Im so thankful that my older brothers showed me all these games when I was like …2. Best childhood ever. I would just sit in the room during summer and play this non stop.

Wings of Stone says:

Brings back so many memories. Li Long was my man

alessio carrara says:

it had an excellent graphics for that time

Scareprank creepypasta says:

Siegfried is such a fucker of chara..ive hated him soooo fuckin much >-< mitsurugi is with taki, sophitia, and voldo one of the best Charakters <3

Jade pye says:

i still play on this game Xd taki is obvs my go to if I wanna win

MaxOwnzor2 The Lawnmower says:

what's the difference between soul edge and soul blade?

D34thM4r10 says:

whats the name of the song of character select ?

1mortalkombatlover says:

Member when this series was called Soul Blade? I member!

Jorge Ortega says:

no hay para Android

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