SOUL MortaL RANK #5 ASIA Game – English Commentary and Analysis by DerekG (MortaL Cast #1)

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Thanks to SOUL’s MortaL for the opportunity to cast this insane gameplay – Be sure to check out and subscribe to his channel here if you haven’t already!!

If you want to see more of MortaL on this channel be sure to let me know in the comments down below, as I would like to make this a regular addition to the channel!!

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Mero Patton says:

This kind of English commentary is good, cause I don't know Hindi though I'm from India……hehe

Night Blade says:

Mortal knows bolt action rifles Sucks in Squads. Cuz u can get that sweet headshot to get instant knockdown but u can't finish em off. So DMR or a LMG with Bipod is much better choice.

thakor717 says:

Nice last animi

NOOB phobia says:

He is top 5 Asian server, most conquerer are emulator player, Mortal rocks

Rito Riba says:

Athena gaming this guy he is better

Tech Gaming says:

Lol Can I Request u one Thing? Will u download my latest video and will u upload and add English commentary and upload on ur channel so someone will sub my channel no one need my channel

FriendsAreLife - LifeIsShort says:

Wow what a player he is make more on him

Solithan Paaren says:

Here for mortal…

Hitesh Thakur says:

Mortal is no 1 in Asia now

Dibya Ranjan Pradhan says:

Nice one ….love from india bro

Pain Peace says:

Only respect…..for both of them…

Shaksham Shahi says:

DEREKG the only youtuber who helps other creators grow without sponsors and shit…..DEREKG you deserve millions of subs bruv! Keep growing!

DeeTox xyz says:

People say Asia is the most difficult server to play on is it true

Izumi Shinichi says:

kowalski analysis

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