Space Bacon – Star Trek Bridge Crew Solo Campaign VR Gameplay 01

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Playing Star Trek Bridge Crew the way it’s NOT meant to be played, by shunning the real people and playing exclusively with lovely lovely AI crew handily communicated with via Watson powered voice commands (mostly delivered in absurdly natural language to confuse and disorient).

Star Trek Bridge Crew solo gameplay let’s play series. Proving that actually Bridge Crew can be a lot of fun in single player too.


Harv Begal says:

I thought this game was multiplayer only. That kept it on my do not buy list. But im reconsidering now.

Eric Whitenack says:

"Thanks Doris", LOL!

JELmusic says:

Captain getting a bit agitated at the end there haha 🙂 Lovely video 🙂 One question: Can you play single-player withOUT voice-commands? (If playing at night, for example) So single-player where you issue commands via buttons and menus and so on. Thanks.

Owen Davies says:

Fun vid – thank you, Captain Weird! Downloading Bridge Crew now – I was worried single player wouldn't be worth it, but you turned me round. Can't wait 😀

Horath Drak says:

Amazing! The need to get a VR set intensifies 😉

Mike Houghton says:

Very cool. That is one game I'd love to play in VR, but Alas that is not possible with our current technology. One working eye.

Colinus says:

can't wait for more of this it was damn good

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