Star Trek: Bridge Crew PS4 Hands On | PlayStation VR | PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew released this week for PlayStation VR, and we’ve got our hands on the game and captured some PS4 Pro gameplay footage for you.

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Push Square says:

Hey everyone!

Apologies for my lack of Star Trek knowledge! Don't hurt me!

– Sammy

Parasite1101 says:

Haha I was in the same boat, never seen a single episode, LOVE this game. The online aspect is amazing. First true online social experience i have had, where everyone sits in the lobby.has a good chat and.discusses who wants to play what, the VR improves this lobby experience. Its like one of those events you pay to go to where you meet up with strangers and all have a blast together. Everyone properly gets into role because you truly need good teamwork. Though yeah definitly the short stick if you have the role of engineer.

Truth Seeker says:

I am in the same situation as you Sammy, I have never watched any Star Trek series in my life.
But I am very interested in this game because of its social gameplay.

My 2bar says:

You're in a tech job, you play sci-fi games, and you've never watched Star Trek…….. seriously????

Richard Harber says:

This guy is such a moron. "Hey everyone this is Sammy and I don't have a clue"

WeeWeeJumbo says:

My buddy is gonna go apeshit over this. Basically childhood wish fulfillment for him

Macario Lopez says:

this game is amazing, only thing is there is a bug where you get stuck in warp

Yahya Al-Saadi says:

Were u using the psmove, i heard its hard to use and not really responsive?

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