Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Release Gameplay Part 1 – Commanding a Ship

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew – Release Livestream

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Strider Soft says:

don't touch my eye…he's picking his nose…childish! Stopped watching at that point.

AWDTH1111 says:

I can totally imagine playing this game while sipping a vanilla latte, with skim milk.

rabooey says:

Thanks for the video/info, been fantasizing about buying Oculus and this game and playing it for the past three months. A four-way/in-room game of this with friends would be so fecking fun!

extraterrestrial gd says:

Well, there is oxygen in the ship, and the heated blaster shot will ignite both the oxygen and fuel and create a temporary fireball

Daniel Brongers says:

I don't like VR games that much. Though – as a Star Trek fan and gamer – this looks pretty awesome (visually)

rextrek says:

just brought the OCULACE VR system today and the STARTREK game   cant wait to play

Haizum74 says:

This is fecking awesome. Imagine getting Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn and Brent Spiner et al playing this with VR headsets.

Tommy Parker says:

what system is he using?

Millenium Gamer says:

🙁 VR is too expensive for me

Kimmy Queen says:

I am over half way through this video and I have to say… I am just keeping it real… but I will preface:

As STRICTLY a viewer and NOT a potential player of this game, this video is boring. Now… this is your channel and you can do whatever you want, but personally had some things been done it would have benefited everyone: The viewer that does not play and cares mostly/only for the actual gameplay (like me), the viewer that does play and wants instructions/information before or after buying the game, the viewer that does not play and LOVES the mundane instructions on how to play, the viewer who plays who cares mostly/only for the actual gameplay…

My suggestion would be: To have this be described as instructions or how to play the game. To post the time when actual gameplay time if there is gameplay in the video. To say at the beginning of the video "this video or part of this video is for instructions on how to play the game. The next video will be gameplay OR for actual gameplay go to minute X:X"

I am providing you constructive criticism. It is a boring video for someone like me. I acknowledge that others even strictly viewers would appreciate the how to play, HOWEVER, for those of us that either viewers or players that do not care for teh How to Play, perhaps there could be a video marked "How To Play" THEN the next video will be GAMEPLAY Part 1. This is not gameplay friend, this is how to play, trust me there is a difference. Constructive because I am not just a hit and run troll. I am providing a solution to the issue and some advice as to how to improve things so people like me are not angry that the title says Gameplay but for more than half of it and probably the whole thing it was a how to play instead.

Thanks for reading… if you did.

Kimmy Queen says:

You have several space games that you didn't finish…. will you finish this one?

Christian Visscher says:

So you can not play this on pc or can you play on the pc??????

T4nk83 says:

I don't like how you say 'Star Trek' it sounds like you are saying 'Star Track', instead of 'Star Trehck'…lmao…wish I could afford an oculus setup.

somedaysoon says:

I am geeking out thank you for sharing this on the VR

Hiffny Aryff says:


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