Star Trek: Fleet Command Android iOS Gameplay (By DIGPRM Games, LLC)

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Star Trek: Fleet Command Space Strategy By DIGPRM Games. (Android/iOS/iPhone/iPad)
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Build your starbase, assemble your crew and ready your ships for the biggest space strategy game to come to mobile. Create your own alliances and an epic armada to dominate an entire quadrant of space.

Align with the Federation, Klingons, or Romulans – or forge your own path to power. The war is about to begin. Are you ready to join the battle for control of the Neutral Zone?

You have the conn!


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Si Señor says:

Looks boring.

Műhämmęð Úmâř Jăñ says:

We need starcraft like games on Android not this she_at!

vtr storm says:

Perhaps better than timelines ?

Lord Shockwav says:

This looks boring as hell…

Nahkampfschaf says:

Sadly the fights arent tactical at all. There are 3 ship-classes acting in a rock-paper-scissors manner plus levels of your and enemy ships, but you can't control anything besides that. I was hoping for some "full power to the shields" action, but i can already smell this is going to be some "building A has to be at level 7, for that, building B has to be at level 10, for that, building C…. oh wait. that takes 6 hours that you can wait… or you can pay in our ingame shop" game very soon as you progress, while destroying 5 level 10 ships, gathering 500 ressource xyz (which takes…. or you can pay). Had high hopes for this. Smells like another pay-to-not-wait-endlessly game in the app store with a star trek license.

Luka Reeson says:

Too bad the game runs only at 30pfs….

Ross Hetzel says:

Who up voted this garbage? Seriously, go play Star Trek Starfleet Command I or II for the PC. They were amazing games and tons of fun. This is a scam where everything you do is designed to get you to want to pay not to have to do it.

Sturmovik88 says:

Is this game a loading screen simulator?

RayJ-HT says:

This is fake and not Star Fleet Command

Troy Arbogast says:

I want a star trek online type of mmorpg for Android not game of war.

Ramces Ismael Moya Peñaflor says:

Chale. es el mismo motor de juego que el de uno de zombies. Pero eso no le quita lo bueno de la historia y de la temática Y de quién está inspirado.

Miko Philo says:

told me my phone wasn't compatible……so glad they did.

Major Garlic Williams says:

Let me guess. Another Star Trek micro transaction mess. Pay or grind away for 200 hours for a ship it upgrade.

We-Got-Green__ Lightsabers yet says:

Won't work on my tablet waist of time here!

dua cot says:

Thought this was Starfleet Command. Very disappointing.

Greenspud Trades says:

Yawn That chirping sound effect was as annoying as F

Dante says:

Since they decided to make this a game in the "JJverse" i'll be going to pass on that , never liked it, never will.

the starship enterprise NCC 1701 says:

I'm in the USA and it said "this app is not available in your country"

Luis Martinez says:

I feel asleep was there any action

Infinite5oul says:

Excellent game. Nice mix of Ark of War, Vega, and Star Trek Timelines, but its a crashfest right now. Crashed 3 times in one hour. The game is worth it though, its not as hostile as Ark of War, as from what i can tell you can safely harbor in your station during murder weekend, unlike AOW where you either had to buy a shield or kiss your ass goodbye if you didn't have a 1 million ranger meatshield. The Officer system is ON POINT, with excellent bonuses for proper officer combinations. I just started playing so i'll update this as I get deeper into the game. Loving it sa far. Might become my main if this keeps up. Only issue i have is the constant loading screens. Its causing too mush tasking and that seems to be why its locking up. Implementing pop-up overviews when you mouse over an installation would eliminate the need to click on every single building.

We-Got-Green__ Lightsabers yet says:

This IS NOT STARFLEET COMMAND ! Nothing like the true original! Which ain't hard to make a app for! Starfleet command know as sfc1 fasa board game remade?

Ben Cameron says:

When it will be released in australia?

O1horn says:

What`s the real name of this game? I can`t find it anywhere in my playstore.

sayyadinajaa says:

yap too bad for this game : 5 guys use exploits to get a verry big ship USS Saladin and we can't play normaly becouse of that ! they hunt low lvl players and winning all the events in the game so go play like this if you want, cuz I'm out !

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