Star Trek Fleet Command Gameplay – Intro and Missions (#1)

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Star Trek Fleet Command Tutorial Missions Part 1


King Dave8WD says:

I underestimated this game

David Gardiner says:

Why do developers (or is it publishers?) feel the need to include these appalling tutorial sections that hand-hold and restrict you through the first sections of a game? How about making suggestions and letting you get on with what you want to do instead?

Gond says:

Only gameplay worth a dam with space ships is on Eve Online. This top view RTS bullshit is old and tired.

Revkor says:

beign a Kelvin based game already killed it for me.

Sanova Beech says:

The only question I have is, WHY don't any of these games look like the trailer. Compared to the trailer, the graphics are crap. The ONLY game with superior graphics where the gameplay looks like the trailer is Eve Online.

The graphics of World of Warcraft, Ark of war and Star Trek Fleet Command are rubbish compared to the trailer. Why are the companies afraid to show actual gameplay in their trailers?

Lee Guo says:

hmmm this game looks like trash

Exia2004 says:

Same shit different skin

Alex Blackburn says:

Anyone know how much this game will be?

Joaquin Miguel De Guzman says:

So far from the trailers.

We-Got-Green__ Lightsabers yet says:

What good is the game if it only plays on 1 type of android device I've got 3 tablets won't work on any of them!

Federico Eduardo Emilio Lasso says:

The federation attacking???? This is not Star Trek.

Gregory Cheyney says:

Now this is why I don't like Youtube Gaming — different game, same name, lotsa confusion for people looking for either one (if they're not informed).

Joseph Khur says:

Jesus, and I thought STO was a shit game.

Twisted Slippers says:

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out the Star Trek Fleet Playlist for the latest videos.

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