Star Trek Frontiers Gameplay Runthrough

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Help keep Rahdo running @ !!! And now…
A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame
Star Trek: Frontiers.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough (Static)

Part II: Extended Gameplay (Static)

Part III: Final Thoughts

Hey Everybody! Today Paulo Runs Through “Rahdo’s Goofs”

If you find Goofs I didn’t notice Please leave Timestamps 🙂

Thank You

7:49 He should have re-rolled the 3 Non-Basic Data dice that were rolled (Black, Purple and White) because at the start of the round, when you roll the dice if more than half are not basic you have to re-roll them until more than half of the dice are Basic Data

13:25 The Dummy player was supposed to be the first player because of the Tactic card he drew!

22:21 Discarded Jen’s card to Richard’s discard pile

26:19 This part is only done during the End of Turn phase during the Gaining Rewards step and not immediately. she would also gain +1 Reputation for having destroyed them
This goof will be repeated, no more notes about it will be made


Oralia Morales says:

all that i want is a firefly version

wibson says:

Toto's new bass player (I saw them yesterday) on Star Trek:

Roy Stephens says:

rahdo, you should really REALLY get hold of Star Trek Fleet Captains. It is probably the best overall Star Trek experience in a board game currently available. It really feels like playing through a season of your own Star Trek series, with each turn feeling episodic. It is not co-op. but, you don't HAVE to ever really fight each other if you don't want to… especially if you pick up the Romulan Empire expansion, as they are much more sneaky and less "GLORY FROM BATTLE!! RAARRRHHH!!!" than the Klingons. 😀 I love it. The Trek flavor comes through so strongly in it.

Felipi Medeiros Macedo says:

I don´t usually like these long and heavy games, but Mage Knight is such an incredible game! And this Star Trek re-theme looks really good, even though I know nothing about the series and the universe… But I´m always excited for space stuff haha

Yemon Guardian of the Gates says:

I never played MK prior to playing Star Trek Frontiers but have put picked it up since. I enjoy these games. In your demo though, when you played improvise for 5 movement points from the stronger action you used a purple data and had to discard one card to use 4 movement. Alternatively you could've used improvise for its regular basic value for 3 MPs and burned two cards (one to use improvise the other for the fourth MP), then you woul've been able to use the data for the long range attack without using the data from Jen's tactic card but from the data core instead. Then Jen's data would be saved for later in the round. I'm not sure if one is superior to the other (one card two data dice vs two cards one date dice). Enjoy your playthroughs and game overviews they have helped me decide on purchasing (or not) several games.

Tirumalavan Raghavan says:

Hi Richard! Please make a runthrough video of Reiner Knizia's Kingdoms. The 2nd edition came out in 2011. I'm sure you and Jen will love it because it checks off everything you like. It is light, has very few components flying around, component quality and artwork is amazing, and plays 2 amazingly well (scales well also!)

TJ Tubular says:

Wow cool, my Request came to fruition =]

adolson says:

I've set this game up 5 times and only managed to play it once. I just find it so overwhelming, and I just tear it back down and play something lighter, or nothing at all. I'm hoping this video will help breed familiarity for me so I can start enjoying it more often. I really loved my first playthrough, just, it took me like 3-4 hours to do so (and that is a solo playthrough, btw). So many rules to remember.

Keith Yohai says:

This one or fleet captains? Y'know, I bet you answer that question in your final thoughts, I'll go there now. But anyone can chime in with their opinion.

Raphael says:

Cards should have gotten proper art, not images from the show.

Rhodri Davies says:

oh, if this game was somewhat cheaper…

Ozan Unal says:

I found out about this channel only a few weeks ago and I am loving it!

Gaming With Geo says:

Great timing. My copy is being delivered today 🙂

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