Star Trek Gameplay (PC HD)

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Star Trek pc gameplay.


[Razor]™ says:

It look cool I dont know why they call it stupid

sistematic1 says:

looks fun'

Motownphillysk1 says:

on sale at steam 7 bucks

Raimundo Ribeiro says:

na steam sim

Nina Mustofa says:

I don't know why, but this reminds me a lot of Mass Effect series ._.

Gutemberg Aguiar says:

o Jogo e De Graça ?

TheChrisglasgow says:

@Valador Lp I an enjoying playing it bit only b cos i an a star trek fan, There is nothing wrong with wanting a game to look good, Graphics isnt everything bit it does help to have a gd looking game, Pc gamers spend thousands on high end rigs so they want to play games that look awesome not just an avg looking game otherwise they might as well keep their money an just play in an xbox or ps3.

Carsten Fruehwirth says:

Well don´t know what the others have said but I thin it´s worth it.

Carsten Fruehwirth says:

And just wanted to say that the game is actually based on co-op 🙂 So its really fun to play it with friends ^^

Carsten Fruehwirth says:

Well it looks boring but I think its fun if you play it yourself. I´ve got the game and its fun 🙂

TheChrisglasgow says:

@Valador Lp Well like the rest of the people that bought the game b cos the trailers that showed the game with much nicer dx11 graphics, Then they hit us with this ! Even the 3D is dissapointing, Reminds me of aliens, Another overhyped title.

Carsten Fruehwirth says:

Is the Graphics the only thing you´re looking for? The graphics are pretty well and the Gameplay is good so please stop talking about Graphics because it´s not the only thing thats a game worth

Dhencho Jarabejo says:

looks like shit.


Thanks for posting the video. I think it looks pretty good

Ash Belthor says:

Ok so the text seems very good. The characters are alive and are charming. But the actual gameplay looks really damn boring. Does it get better the more you play or should I just skip this game?

le nhatanh says:

yup it's spock

le nhatanh says:

is it spock or spark?

le nhatanh says:

i meant spock

le nhatanh says:

did spark just smile?

TheChrisglasgow says:

Graphics look terrible !

Александр Филиппов says:

Не плохо

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