Star Trek Online PS4 | Is It Good? (Gameplay Impressions)

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Star Trek Online released this week for PS4 and Xbox One. Can the 2010 PC MMO make the transition to console?

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Jeffrey Fletcher says:

I started a few weeks ago

Chad Reagon says:

Terrible, Wasnt a review and didnt even play the game long enough to form a worthy opinion

fuzzychewbacca says:

Incredibly annoying with not a hint of knowledge on games, 2010 is not an old game by the way. Pfft. Useless video.

Adam Spencer says:

This review sucks.

Miielz says:

Its a trash game its just like Mortal Kombat online

Chad Wolford says:

Wtf, u didn't even get to the actual ship part of the game, numb nutt.

Fortnite Squad says:

you can you use mouse and key board  and mouse its cross platform capatible  I infact use mouse and kee board on this just plug it in to your usb on ps4 and there you go

ArabicSubtitle Movies says:

it's the new player's bitch,but an old one's hooker, at first you struggle trying to fkng understand the mechanics and it takes afew start overs mostly before level 30, but when you get the hold of it at say the 3rd 4th toon, it's a nice light-blooded space game.

Matt Mayhem says:

I'd suggest people playing this now. It has had some major patches and is very enjoyable. It's not fast, it's not an action packed game, in the sense of call of duty action. It's an MMORPG, and a good one at that. Huge story lines, huge plots, great campaigns, solid multiplayer and it feels like you are in Star Trek. Especially with the addition of TOS and he ability to play in the old, next or current generation of Trek. I've been playing MMO's for years, over 25 to be exact, and this one is done very well. Try it for free and see what you think, although it does help to be a Star Trek fan.

christian Garcia says:

remind me of star wars

Star Excelsior says:

Yes this game on the console is glitchy, the pc version is way more smooth. I had to restart my character on the first level after I fell out of the ship

- YK - says:

Is the controls squished on like neverwinter

Greg Phillips says:

My friend just got Battlefield 1, ultimate edition. He LOVES IT! But he paid $129.99 for it. Maybe Battlefield 1 is a little easier to master and has more impressive graphics than Star Trek Online. But don't forget that Star Trek Online is FREE! There's at least 129 reasons why I play Star Trek Online instead of Battlefield 1 (unless I am at my friend's house, then Battlefield 1 is fun once in a while).

77nebula says:

speaks volumes when a man chooses a female character.

SlainByBlind says:

Another guy that picked a female toon.

Joe DeMarchi says:

I love Star Trek but I gotta say that game looks pretty shitty. Thanks you totally saved me from getting that. XD

Claude Odell says:

You didn't even get to the part where you can customize your own ship and do space battles? Thats like the whole game, its a space game. Fly the spaceships thats where the focus is. Flying through space is amazing and the visuals are epic. And really, the controls have improved considerably since then. Really its once you get past that God awful tutorial. I had the same problem, I honestly thought I broke my game while playing through the tutorial. Well I kind of did. I had to create a new account anyway, the first one is still stuck on the tutorial, so??

Devthethird says:

Ground combat killed this game for me. I still have wet dreams about the space combat ( and i play a lot of space games)

Le Frenchy says:

I don't like the game at all

Dave Ambrose says:

It's a really good time waster, nothing more

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