Star Trek: Starfleet Academy gameplay (PC Game, 1997)

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Introduction and gameplay for Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, PC game produced by Virgin Interactive in 1997 –
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy is a pc simulation game that simulates the life of a typical Starfleet cadet.The player is a new member and leader of a cadet group and at begin he has to pass all the simulated missions.
Played through modern Windows machine.
Recorded with original sound.


The Grabisoft says:

looks very super fun. specially y e moment when you. are there stuck doing nothing

tech15002 says:

While modern versions of Windows don't support IPX, it is still possible to play this game over multiplayer with a program called IPXWrapper, which is just a set of DLLs you put in the game directory, and a program called Hamachi, which creates a virtual LAN connection between players. Email me at and we'll play.

Spankey The Mediocre Gamer says:

What a blast from the past i loved this game

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