Star Trek Timelines Gameplay – First Look & Tutorial – Part 1

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Star Trek Timelines (#TrekTimelines) is a mobile game for iOS & Android where you are the Captain! Watch #J2JonJeremy fly the #FinalFrontier from phones! This video is sponsored and you can download the game from my sponsored link here:

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Rajendra Asthana says:

tаaake а look at this, aаa lot оoof Dilithium & Credits hеrе

Espresso Patronus says:

Is it online or offline?

lukas mwanza says:

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Saifullah Raiyan says:

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Zeithri says:

4:40 That's.. Not an good explanation Q. " Oh all your friends are dead but there are identical to your friends in other timelines still alive. " ._. Just warp them back into existence.
6:00 Ehh..? You do realize that the Galaxy Map in STO is suppose to be when you are Warping around?
6:58 Clearly WORF, THE SON OF MOGH will be the best at saving them! Oh wait, isn't that TNG Worf? That means he'll get his ass kicked D:
14:02 Look! It's Mayweather " I've been in space! " 😀
15:06 They don't have the same stats. Picard is better at Diplomacy, Sisko is better at Security, and Kirk is better at laying the aliens- I mean .. Huh, Sisko and Kirk are equal pretty much.
I'd pick either Kirk or Sisko. Possibly so more Kirk.
16:40 I love Deep Space Nine, and The Original Series. Voyager had potential but it was squandered. Enterprise was a messy run but amazing during S2 to S3 because it got direction. The Next Generation.. I've just never been that huge of a fan of TNG but it does have some absolutely outstanding episodes like All good things, Best of Both Worlds and some others.
20:03 I always thought the Constellation was ugly…. Until very recently when it's design just started growing more and more on me. Interesting how it does that.
23:07 Aah.. How it frustrates me that STO decided to go " DX9 players can go suck it " recently. I need my Star Trek Online fix 🙁
28:06 Exactly what the Sisko, would do x3
31:00 Time to get an Android Emulator!

Marge Syon says:

ɷɷɷ ᕼEEEEYYY ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪᘔ I ᕼᗩᐯE ᖴ0ᑌᑎᗪ ᗯ0ᖇOKIᑎG OᑎᒪIᑎE ᕼᗩᑕᑕK ᐯIᔕITTTT : –

Jun hee Bae says:

computer chip 212550. what are they good for?

Rincewindcl says:

Your reaction to the captain conundrum – classic! Great video man 🙂

GanjaGrower says:

Not worth purchasing anything.

Scott Hall says:

Love this game, dunno why non-Trekkies bother commenting on this. It's great to see a platform clearly built by fans for fans. I thought the guy doing this vid sounded like Garrett Wang lol.

Mike Scrits says:

this game is a scam for stupid people to spend their money on crap.

rafael diaz says:

oh noooo oh noooo like 5 times you sounded like dick ya know….


We finally get a good Star Trek game worth the first round of IAPs but it gets completely ruined by greed or the high $ franchise name after those. Now you do get to play for a good while before running out of missions you can pass or items you can make or equip. The game is worth throwing money at as they did a really good job but it's not a game you can just toss $30 bucks at and play to the end. IMO it's worth $30 but it will require more IAPs to get to the end. A LOT MORE and the franchise nature demands high IAPs which is were the game falls apart. The paywall sits around episode 3 or 4. You can free play through episode 2 and maybe through 3 if you play well with some luck but by the time you reach 4 there are to many high $ game mechanics you need that it just decimates the in game currency and even after the first few IAPs you wont go much further unless you keep feeding the game. I have no issues paying for mobile games but very few of them are worth more than $30 to $40 and while I do think this game is worth that much it is in no way worth more than that and you WILL be paying more than that to keep playing.

The Tartan71 says:

Do not waste you time watching this.. You will learn all he teaches in the game in the first few mandatory missions

john brand says:

and this game is so fucking boring as fuck

john brand says:

if you click the link this guy most likely makes money and it is against the rules to tell people to click links and like and subscribe but no one ever gets into trouble at all but I did it once and got told if I do it again my YouTube will be ban

Martin Aslaksen says:

actually looks good

Michael Kline says:

Can anyone recommend an Android emulator for Windows 10?

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