Star Wars Galaxies: Fan Made Massive Update…. 8 Years After Being Shutdown

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Star Wars Galaxies is still alive and kicking – The player run server Star Wars Galaxies Legends is a great example with a major update on the way. Lets take an exclusive first look at the Cloud City (Bespin) and have a chat with the devs.

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Keith R says:

I played at launch, or rather tried to. Launch day was horrible :]. Quit and moved to the sticks, only had dial up. Recall a guild member playing on dial up, so I tried it again. Took 2months to download :P. But it worked! But it wasn't the game I remembered… Just a shell of what it was. Like they dumbed it down and just handed out things. Such as just allowing you to be a Jedi. The game had so much more going for it prior to whatever dumb update that was. Which also made cantinas and other gathering areas void of players. Before you needed to goto a cantina to get dancer buffs and food buffs, from other players doing those roles. It was the MMO at launch that actually did it different, than the cookie cutter method WOW copied(WOW did nothing new, it just worked on day 1, unlike most MMO's which didnt). I miss that Star Wars Galaxies, is this the version at launch? -edit ok its not the one I loved, back to the death bed it goes for me. Hated the NGE update, with a passion.

U Do It says:

WOW – this is crazy – I'm looking forward to bespin on this server.

TinyLumberJack says:

Brings a big 'ol happy tear to my eye

Cavscout5096 says:

Man, the SWG crew must get the game title and licence so you guys can relaunch it! I would be first in line!

TKM/NBH/CH Irstra Stukof; Kettelmoor server!

Fleece Johnson says:

You lost me at "after NGE". NGE is what killed a once fantastic game.

Vigil and Tea says:

jedi are going to kill this game again

Michel Ney says:

If its a emu should we make new content, i dont know if im happy with this

Jack Russell Bruce says:

What a brilliant project! So massive! All I wanted was to play as a Nautolan or Kaleesh!

G T says:

Can I get the game

DeJeron Coleman says:

I fell in love with SWG since I first played it back in 2009. Currently been on Legends for a year or more now and I couldnt be more appreciative. The team over at legends do a great job of keeping this game alive. Cant wait to play the new update

Daniel Garcia says:

They built Bespin… a city that literally hovers in the sky, from the ground up? Huh….

Zelkarr says:

What a fucking waste.

SWG is one of the greatest games ever made and is THE best MMO I've ever played but that was only the case before they instituted the NGE.

NGE literally ruined the game it is the reason the game failed and the reason the game is now dead.

Why would you make new content for this garbage? This is so damn dissapointing to see, I play on private servers every now and then but they are pre nge servers I would never ever consider going to an NGE servers even if they had new content.

Fuck all of this.

Vasily Krushev says:

What if EA just boufht it when it's done and chopped it up, picked some content, then crammed it in SWTOR. Would you be upset?

Michael Piraino says:

Pre nge for the win!

ThatOldGameBuzz says:

I still play it. I’m Old Skool

ThreeDogGaming says:

What's stopping Disney/LucasArts from shutting this down??

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