Star Wars Galaxies Gameplay – Bounty Hunting for Beginners (Bounty Hunter Basics – SWGEmu Basilisk)

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Welcome to Star Wars Galaxies or SWG! Star Wars Galaxies is a sandbox MMO set in the Star Wars universe shortly after the destruction of the first Deathstar above Yavin IV. Star Wars Galaxies offically closed on 15th December 2011. SWGEmu aims to emulate Star Wars Galaxies in it’s Pre-CU era, version 14.1.

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Star Wars Galaxies is a massively multi-player online role playing game introduced by Sony Online Entertainment in the year 2003. It is the game this project focuses to recreate at a specific milestone referred to as Pre-CU, or Pre-Combat Upgrade. The Combat Upgrade was a set of game changes which radically changed the game-play, to the dislike of thousands of players. These changes led to the founding of this project, in an attempt to “recreate” the game as it was during the Pre-CU era.

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Dan Zaharia says:

You forgot to mention that jedis rack up visibility when using force powers in populated areas and that jedis with high visibility start appearing on bounty hunter mission terminals.

EveryDaySlacker says:

Fix your speeder damnit. Rofl

Carter Taylor says:

What graphics mods do you use?

Infinite Awesomeness says:

Love this game. Period.

curedant says:

sorry z bad news

Publish 8: A Galaxy Divided
Bounty hunter mission terminals can no longer be sliced

HappyandAtheist says:

I download and started to play this after seein you 1st vid , good fun from the old days…I started a wookie brawler but so far I am getting my arse handed to me lol

Vengeance says:

Awesome! You should check out SWG Reckoning! It's a little flair on SWG PreCU! Either way, awesome video man!

theFatLebowski says:

u afk monster! I was talking to yous in the weekend 😀 But alas!! no answer. Love your vids im gonna make you some RIS armor soon so you look alot cooler in the vids. These will make more people joining the best mmo ever

Neocrypter says:

I used to love SWG Pre NGE, Ive tried to play on Basilisk many times over the years hoping to get that feeling back but idk if its the lack of the people I used to play with or what but I just cant get back into the game.. But I've been enjoying re-living some of it vicariously through you 😉 so keep'em coming Z

Usgar Spielt says:

Nice stuff, are you going to stream SWG in next few days? Got a few days off, otherweise I wouldn't be really able to watch you streaming (You usually start streaming at 2 AM my time) Btw. you and Sl1p were the first youtubers to which Ive subscribed (was 36 back then) when you started playing ARK. Eventually ive even decided to do my own little thing here on yt! Thx for that and keep it up!

wyatt main says:

First love u z!!!!!

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