Star Wars Galaxies Gameplay – Rancor Taming on Dathomir & Housewarming Gifts (SWGEmu Basilisk)

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Welcome to Star Wars Galaxies or SWG! Star Wars Galaxies is a sandbox MMO set in the Star Wars universe shortly after the destruction of the first Deathstar above Yavin IV. Star Wars Galaxies offically closed on 15th December 2011. SWGEmu aims to emulate Star Wars Galaxies in it’s Pre-CU era, version 14.1.

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More Info on SWGEMU:

Star Wars Galaxies is a massively multi-player online role playing game introduced by Sony Online Entertainment in the year 2003. It is the game this project focuses to recreate at a specific milestone referred to as Pre-CU, or Pre-Combat Upgrade. The Combat Upgrade was a set of game changes which radically changed the game-play, to the dislike of thousands of players. These changes led to the founding of this project, in an attempt to “recreate” the game as it was during the Pre-CU era.

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Croner Yveit says:

its /unstuck

fatcatmatty says:

How do you get your HUD like that?

Rickard OneUp says:

you used to be able to create macros to move furniture, try it out!

Jess Lee says:

How do you manage to keep your pet from getting incapacitated though? Been searching the interwebs for the past couple days looking for a way to macro pet incapacitation recovery but not finding anything.

Gameday Swede says:

Taking on a Krayt Dragon? Its fun stuff!

libertycapuk says:

Corbantis representing!

Ray's Reviews says:

I Always wanted to become a bounty hunter in SWG and ride a Krayt.

Nigel Lincoln says:

i camped for 3 sweeks when the game was live to get a bull rancor baby, hardest thing in the game to tame way back in the day, needed taming gear etc etc but happy to say i was first to get 3 out of the uber rare babies 🙂

Aeronar says:

Whenever you do go after a baby bull rancor; make sure that you not only have taming clothes, but also some of the taming food called "Almond-Kwevvu" it gives a bonus to taming creatures and it's absolutely necessary to tame bull rancors, you can't even attempt taming them without it.

Laterani Gaming says:

Great to see another SWGEmu video. Keep them coming!

Bill Hungerford says:

This was the best game ever. I played in Closed Beta and i was online the last second the game was active. it was a said day when the server message came on screen saying i had been logged out :(…. it was a sad day.

Miki Pyskow says:

Hey zueljin, would you do in game meet ups ? Could be fun to see how many we were. Character Kaecci, Also on Basilisk, Teras kasi and Creature handler 😀

Xili Gaming says:

TLDR: whats your current skill build and whats your endgame build?

you have absolutely 100% inspired me to make a CH toon!, I just don't know what to add to it. I was thinking I really want master Ranger with it, for the camo and thus easier taming of high level animals in the end. (you can be sure i want a friggin rancor) but then you are left with so little points and I think I'd feel a bit weak on the non pet side in terms of combat. I did Novice Rifleman for now untill I find something better.

That said I could just stay weak in the combat department and RP the char as an explorer/tamer.

I would love to hear your build? I see you are using carbines, but whats the total picture and endgame build?

You can also mail me ingame to make sure I spot your answer :), my char name is Kady-Lyn, I might be on my BH aswell wich is named Kady-Lynn xD I alrdy tried to whisper you, but you were probably AFK macro'ing and sleeping irl since I didnt get a reply;, rude! 😉

I have so many other builds in my head aswell, so much fun to have and so little time :p I have the BH as first char as a good moneymaker atm, about 150-200k per hour. so I can support any other toons alrdy.

Joshua Tyler says:

man I miss playing SWG.

101wormwood says:

when I played teh game you could use commands to move items. It had that radial for small adjustments but** you can type /move up 10 or /move up 20

it will move in chunks. that game had…still does on emu?… a TON of function. I used to run multiple instances to automate entertainers so I could play and farm customers at the same time.. Man i loved that game

Raelgil says:

What you can also do is have your pet guard a toon that needs leveling or another player. I'm using my Bio-Engi so he can get Scout exp while my Creature Handler can get her exp. How it works is my Bio-Engi is using a combat macro to fight then harvest for Scout exp, and because he can't kill the things he's fighting in one shot it lets my pet get a hit or two in so I can get Creature Handling exp.

Dork Dad says:

Watch out for those Night Sisters, Bro. Thanks so much for this trip down memory lane. It's actually pretty healing watching you noodle through this after all these years.

ColonelCrow1 says:

Moving items in your house you can use /forward xx /back xx etc to move bigger or smaller distances(it may be /move foward xx /rotate left xx I don't remember exactly). the items also move relative to the direction your character is facing.

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