Star Wars Knights of the old Republic – Xbox One Gameplay

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Star Wars Knights of the old Republic – Xbox One Gameplay
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Greatest Ever says:

Did they up the frame rate or anything

Reidarm92 says:

I though the game was in widescreen on Xbox One

Austin Havard says:

Are there achievements though?

Swem 1 says:

this games ok , should have auto attack mode

Yo Stabba Stabba says:

No achievements tho. Boooooo.

Salo says:

that 4:3 isn't very great

Michael Proctor says:

Jedi Outcast, one of the best Star Wars games ever was never made backwards compatible for the 360, looks like I will still be waiting until next spring to find out.

LSSG Broly says:

If you sneeze while taking a dump the du-du comes out like a snake!

Oh, is the 10MB reserved space on file for possible future Yavin?

wantsome480 says:

Looks the same on the XB 360


I just had the biggest nerd freakout ever! I still have the disc for that game!!!

Michael Proctor says:

Can you also play KOTOR 2 on Xbox One?

TotallyToobs says:

Fucking 4:3 are they serious? What happened to 1080p? Fucking lying cunts

Cole Porter says:

Hell yea man about damn time they released kotor on the Xbox one

Galero15 says:

Revan was black tho, let's be real.

TheMarker2015 L.S says:

Says "disk is not compatible" lmao

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