Star Wars The Old Republic Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – prepping for Knights of the Eternal Throne

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Old Republic Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – prepping for Knights of the Eternal Throne
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THIS is a 2017 mmo?????…

Abdullah Merdin says:

1:40 felt the cringe in my spine

mobslayer gaming says:

I'm the ultimate Jedi on the game I've never been beten

Marcos Collado Segura says:

I want a subscription D:

Anony Mouse says:

Where can I get sith hoodie like you have ?

Galaxy. Tv says:

This would be a better Star Wars movie than Disney Star Wars the ad is so good I want Disney to make it just like the trailer it won't be so cringy and parts where u go what? Won't be in it lol I'm talking about rouge one

João Guilherme Guimarães says:

The trailer is soooo cool … But the game ….

mattias lunberg says:

you still playing? : )

Michael Tarantolo says:

These "online" game trailers always have badass trailers yet sucky graphics

Nazull says:

I might play this one day..looks great

daniel tilson says:

ur prepping s o you just play it once

Harry Kitchen says:

Its Starwars WOW

J.K.R fetty wap zoo gang says:

who is the girl who got the double saber??? like wt is her name??

Robin Christensen says:

fals advertising is it not 🙂 when i need Nukepoints to "buy" with.

Licensors says:

The games are so trash

Isiah724 says:

Will he be doing anouther part

SazukiSakura says:

The whole double XP thing has made it hard to do some of the side mission @ _@

But argh, you are in that server? Should have totally joined Ebon Hawk!!!

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debs mcinnes says:

Dark side yes yes

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