STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire – “Sacrifice” Trailer

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In this prequel trailer to the STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ – Knights of the Fallen Empire Digital Expansion we introduce you to the tragic destiny of twin heirs caught in a web of evil and manipulation spun for them by the darkest and most powerful Emperor yet to threaten the galaxy. Conquest comes at a price, only accessible for those willing to sacrifice….everything.

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austeja druteikaite says:

father ignores bus sons when whey slay republic armys, ignores when whey destroy siths warriors on karraband, take a notice when cybork kill his brother.

H.Cruzz10 says:

At 3:20 what's the name of that music SOMEONE HAS TO KNOW PLEASE

Isaac Anderson Animations says:

Can ppl stop comparing this trailer to TFA? They're both good in their own ways, thank you

Sith Destroyer says:

Only time a Saber stays on on the ground.

Harloxzz 19 says:

This is the real Star Wars not Mary Sue and Emo Ren

Nathan Yang says:

This is sad

Gabriel Trinka says:

Disney / cartoon VS. A TV season Series.

Area-51 says:


marduk flores says:

i don't know if all twins have it but, me and my bro have a dark side that i feel for each other that one must conquer the other. It scares me to stay with him for so long because at a point we look down on each other with such anger… pray for us other twins of the world and people… I fear for what may come to pass.

tube9ovejas says:

2 years and still one of the best videogame trailers ever <3

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