Star Wars: The Old Republic Space Combat

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A compilation of Space Combat missions from the big beta weekend on SWTOR. It is on rails (think Star Fox, or Panzer Dragoon) and was actually very fun. It was also a pretty cool way to grind out some xp.

The game was very enjoyable with only certain things that need tweaked and added. There were also not nearly as many bugs as I was expecting and the servers were very stable with very minimal lag.

I’m looking forward to launch even more now!!


natetheguitarkid says:

they should of taken notes from battlefront 2 (original one). this space combat is trash.

Tony Evans says:

Can't believe we lost Star Wars Galaxies with its space combat for this… Thing

Yohn Cruz says:

Pense que el espacio seria como evo online pero que asco de batallas espaciales

Ingshi says:

looks interesting but i think i will stick with star trek online

Mabs says:

Even after all this time I can't believe someone at Bioware thought this was a good idea.

Garett May says:

Even though these are linear and scripted, I still really enjoy the simplicity. It's a nice break

Revolutionary Soldier says:

How do you get to space can someone please tell me?

Mary Lopez says:

ok I got a name and then it said sorry citera is in proggress

Mary Lopez says:

Ok i tried to play it and this is what i said for my name like 100 names this what it said sorry this name is unavailble

Mary Lopez says:


Byron Mosley says:

Where can I find the music to these old space combat missions?

masterDevis says:

This space battle system… is it just me, or does this look a bit too…. well… linear?

Not Now says:

That looks like star wars the clone wars adventure's space combat to bad that game was taken down probably because they want more people to play swtor

Jaaron Tolley says:

o my gosh can your companion shut up?

elviade says:

At least there are multiple targets on battleships but no power redistributors? Couldn't run against the turrets of a capital ship in X-wing V. Tie-Fighter like that.

InvokeRetroGaming says:

I played this 20 years ago when it was known as Rebel Assault… I'm glad to see they put the intervening time to good use to come up with something fresh and unique.

Luke2009 says:

which one is the first space mission ?

Kingslayer says:

The girl soundsa bit like cortana in halo

Adrienne Dames says:

awsome cool it is I love this game yo

haloasc says:

It marketing, they close the old game so that the old player move to the new game boosting the sales of the new one.

Iffy350 says:

X-Wing Alliance was better than star wars galaxies.

CMG The Person says:

are you a consular or a kinght

Jon W says:

Lol… this is so bad.

Stitches gets bitches says:

you want a real space battle, wait until battlefront 3!

Timothy Barnes says:

This hurts to watch.

Gehandicapte CrackVerslaafde says:

lol ppl talking bout swg but the flying was shitty working anyways swg is over its time for a new era and as long as i dont see any other star wars mmorpgs ill stick with this

AlphaBlarg says:

this game is such a disappointment compared to star wars galaxies…

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