Stellaris Star Trek #01 STAR TREK NEW HORIZONS MOD – Gameplay / Let’s Play

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Star Trek New Horizons is a Star Trek total conversion mod for Stellaris – so let’s take the United Federation of Planets for a spin!
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Hey, I’m EnterElysium. I produce gaming content most days covering anything either Sci-Fi, Strategy or Science related! I produce content varying from general gaming news, let’s plays, walkthrough, tips, science related and even some storyline-through-emergent-gameplay… er, stuff! Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy the show!

Music: Epidemic Sound


Sraye says:

OH HO HO they got my favorite Star Trek music cover on youtube on this opening menu.

matthatter56 says:

Who else got this game at launch and hasn't touched waiting for a mod like this? Finally.

PolyPwnTV says:

Thumbs up for singing Enterprise's theme 😀 The aliens that attack around the 17:30 mark are from Enterprise season 1 episode Silent Enemy. I don't know what their purpose was, other than to annoy Archer so much that he desides he needed to go and get his weapons upgraded back at earth. The aliens show up in Star Trek Online and are known as the Elachi.

Admiral Rob says:

I love what you doing with Star Trek I what Cpt. Shack doing with Star Wars I love both But Star Trek is my heart so keep it up

Something8830 says:

He says he's not a big fan of Star Trek, after watching this is have concluded that is a lie.

Gabrael Nightfire says:

seems good for an alpha be nice top sere more

Lavian Hristea says:

Yes, I for one am enjoyng this, keep it up

I'm Only A Man And I Will Die Some Day says:

The Vulcans are Mexican? wtf

Kodiak Lewis says:

I sometimes bugs me that you never zoom in to see the ships or cinematic mode

Gypsy_on_Drugs says:

The silent enemy is the elachi, those creepy mother fuckers.

Joseph Bell says:

I love you for using the proper pronunciation of trek.

Blacksun388 says:

EE, so you know the mission title was the name of the episode. The series was indeed Enterprise Season One Episode 12 "Silent Enemy". The shots were even taken directly from the show.

DoctorWhoFanBadWolf says:

[0:50] "That's an Andorian ship."

Actually I'm 95% certain that's from Battlestar Gallactica, but we're just gonna move on and ignore that.

Jonathon Myhre says:

I freaking love this!!!!!

Raymond St Paul says:

Question one can you play as The Borg if not when? Since this is a new mod will others be made soon of this mod making improvements along the coming months? Also will you give instructions of how to install please I'm not certain of the process an don't want to mess up my computer.

Nathan Vosburgh says:

like your gameplay but is it just Horizons your playing with? or are there other mods i clicked on ur 07 video and i saw the Map was diff

Syralak says:

5:16 normal stellaris is simple …..umm yep another game my laptop wont run.

Paul Gascoigne says:

poor Nathan.. he's just effeminate that's all.

AngrySkeptic says:

two size 14 planets in the same system = one size 28 planet. Your control limit is per system, not per planet.

Jazz1984 says:

Arr birth of the federation, that takes me back, really liked that game 🙂

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