Still Worth Playing? Blade and Soul 2017 Gameplay and Wings of the Raven Impressions Part 5

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This is a series I’m doing to showcase the gameplay and features of Blade and Soul. It’s also a chance for the community to leave some tips and advice for new players coming to these videos to get some help in understanding what makes the game good, and how to get the best experience from it. If you have some comments like that, then please share them! 🙂

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Still Worth Playing? Blade and Soul Gameplay Review Part 5 (2017)

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KineticGTR says:

<<< Previous Video – How I Kill Boredom in Blade and Soul – Gameplay Review Part 4

Ni za says:

Came here because I was curious if the game is still worth playing… and you are talking about hongmoon store….

Rasmus Maasing says:

Are you finally lvl 50 or did you stop playing after this video?

Klaty Hussien says:

Hi Can you help me for get new patch torrent Because I am star game in Clint star

The Defcalyon says:

Where do you play BS ?

jimy dsadf says:

I want to play BS so bad but my account got locked. I didn't play it for a couple months and this happened. Any help?

Stati Cex says:

Pimpin Outfits

JokerEatsBabies says:

your low level quests are not showing up. that's why you couldn't see the quest. under options you can turn on your low level quests so you can also see your low level faction quests

Eddy04tv says:

I recently started whatching your vids! They are fun! I got back to Blade and Soul recently, we should play some time soon!

Roukan Roukan says:

The story is definitely a great aspect of this game, not only the main story but also the side quests in each map. It's nice to see you cover this part. Have fun.

Anilea Noriel says:

Do all females of this race have the Kardashian butt?

0mniscixnt says:

play some more bns, my dude.
lvl50 is a peek away

GearLessly Euznyzer says:

System Requirements?

GearLessly Euznyzer says:

System Requirements?

ᅢᄐᄂᄂᄋ says:

My 64-but client won't even launch this path. I also started using 32-bin.

I've heard you can try to delete your bin files and the client should repair itself but I haven't tried it because it takes a lot of time.

Enmi 88 says:

I've only seen one other player in a place that looks like a safezone/town. Is this game dying? (during the first minute)

Killa Wale says:

i dont think is worth it tho because of the new weapon thing it sucks lol

Andrégix #ARMY says:

Aion Is better,idc if it's dying or not,I will never stop play it.

مسار الرماحي says:

i got costume from the first attempt

Anastasiya TV says:

great video. super. thumbs up # 248

Brittany Basham says:

I got the costume from my first heart box!! Definitely wasn't expecting that!!

Xia Allen says:

honestly i think the stories til the end is better
got good music in the background too

Hongmoon Dude says:

Yes it is Still Worth playing. It is FREE!

Logan Morris says:

more blade and soul plz

Sociocat says:

hey everyone im kinda new to blade and soul and I was looking for someone to play with or maybe even make a new character and play with them. I love the game and have played it alot recently and my main is a level 35 to 40 kung fu master on junghado server I think. I just would think it would be alot of fun to play with someone so maybe if someone wanted to try leveling a new class I could level a new class for me too on your server or whatever c:

LaVersus EnTerTaIn says:

Love to see you playing with such passion and actually playing the story and not jsut rushing and skipping trough its jsut like me with my first char back on Korea at the old days haha. Keep it up men the game gets just more interesting the higher you get man 🙂

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