Streaming Dark Age of Camelot, My First Ever MMORPG [Twitch Stream]

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Hey guys, I have talked about streaming/playing Dark Age of Camelot for months now, and I finally did it.. Anyone who’s watched my streams has heard me talk about this game, my first ever MMO, and I am honestly having a blast. I don’t always post my stream vods on YouTube anymore, but follow my Twitch and come check it out, it’s a lot of fun 🙂

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Kel says:

try uthgard classic freeshard, it's like the daoc version of light's hope.


God I miss DAOC

Jace Chan says:

Does paladin gain reckon stacks from spell crits as well as physical?

Grim Jester says:

Live servers?

Kris Long says:

Definitely one of the best MORPGs ever! Thanks for streaming it! I nailed that Subscribe button!

Travek Maxwell says:

This is fun, I just started as well, I hope this wasn't just a one time thing!

Tristan Johnson says:

I wanna playyyy

Devil says:

Byfar the best RVR ever made! And I think is gonna last for like 17 more years!

Devil says:

HEEEEEY!! Play it on uthgard FFS! I left LH for it.. xD

Andre says:

i played DAoC since beta on EU/lyonesse/alb, love that game

warlogy1 says:

you should upload all daoc stream on youtube and make a series, it is good

Redneck Gamer says:

this was my first mmo ever and the music just gives me a warm fuzzy everytime I play!

Flicker455 says:

Fucking DAOC BOIIIIS! Loved that game. Fondest memories, even better than vanilla WoW!

Kyle Rowland says:

Welp, you can get a 14 day trial if you sign up a brand new account. I played about 2 hours, it is very interesting game. Cannot wait to get back in. Only thing I don't like is the map… it's impossible to see anything now I am in Camelot hills!! I couldn't figure out how to use my x-bow either, I rolled arms. I got an hour into your vid so I'll watch a bit more to see what I can learn.

: : says:

No PPF ? Where’s my paladin fix?

ExoticMonkey02 says:

dude is this the REAL esfandtv? holy crap

Brandon Lindley says:

Where and how do I get that beautiful background

james spinner says:

Friars rock!

TheFinemesh says:

Is it wrong of me to prefer Esfand on YouTube instead of Esfand on Twitch?

Orzeal says:

Dude?! Where have you been? 😀 So glad to see your new video pop out.

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