Sword Art Online: Lost Song GAMEPLAY #4 – Enter the Dungeon!

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We’ve beaten the dragon, defeated the boss in front of the gate and now it’s time to head in and take on the dungeon boss for the rare drop! Bring it!


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LostGam3rs says:

How could anyone dislike one of your videos, you’re absolutely a joy to

duketogo1300 says:

OMG, the interface, the noises, JUST like the anime. >_>
Why is that so exciting to me?

iHeartJKpop says:

which one is better the 1st one or this? =) never play sao game before =)

Jupiter Bright says:

I can relate there about one of the best Vita game, even more because
Digimon and Senran EV failed to deliver. It’s even more fun when you unlock
more field map. I’m so glad they did this right

Sasaki Haise says:

So short QQ I liked the slime though (If only they dissolved clothing like
in the SAO Girl OPS manga then i would love them xDD)

TheBuiLDinG GaMEr says:

when dawn in American 

Eric Heydenreich says:

Really great video, always!

Salvador Aguilar says:

Do more senran kagura vídeos

Lucky Atlas says:

Can you try out multiplayer cuz i would really like to see how that works i
hope u dont play as a story character in multiplayer too cuz every one will
be Kirito and that wont be fun.

Illya Kyun says:

Cant wait for the asia release already PO mine :3

Roy Then says:

Y u play games like so suai gu( noob) 1
Really cant help on most of ur video gameplay
Although I nv claims im much better than tht

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