Tera Online All classes Gameplay (No Healers) Short gameplay

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TERA is a stunning fantasy MMO that features fast-paced action combat; a vast, gorgeous world; and highly customizable characters. Best of all, TERA is FREE to play!
I play in Tera Eu Killian server. if you need any help in Killian server as a new player comment in the video.


PoporiGaming says:

Tera online all classes gameplay level 65 all glyphs unlocked all classes useing same gear.

Herz Fehler says:

Reaper is legit like kratos <3

mmogo com tera gold says:

This game is hot

mmogo com tera gold says:

This game is hot

The PlaSma K1ng says:

Sorcerer is sooo damn cold

Vin Velain says:

Hey, thank you for the video!
What do you consider to be the top tier DPS classes for AOE and Single target?

I'm doubting between making a Valkyrie or a reaper and hope you can help me decide! ^^

Bunny Rabbit says:

no healers? Why? #sadhealermain

mmogo com tera gold says:

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Nik core says:

Gunner the best <3

mmogo com tera gold says:

It was fun participating!

Carlos Gustavo Núñez Merlo says:

This is a double-intended video to make public your personal costumes right?

vannthemann OdinSon says:

This video is trash
Faggot picks shitty weird cat faggot race
cant see any of the armor, or how abilities look or damage done with those shit race.
I am just gonna stick with better MMO's anyways, FTP is already a big turn off.

Melvin Benamirouche says:

Hello ,

I'm working for Gamology (4.7 million fans on Facebook). I found your videos and I really like them! Especially this one:


I'd like to post it on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments.

Have a nice day!
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crimsondemonx says:

Time to make a kratos character with the reaper class haha

Ncdbla says:

Can you elaborate on P2P and why so many PC YouTuber's stopped playing? I'm aware of the gear revamp and unfortunately, it isn't active on consoles atm. Don't wanna waste my time if in a couple of months it becomes grindy to the point where i can't keep because of school and work. Also, are strongboxes p2w?

TheDarkestElite says:

Thanks for the video showing off the classes, I'm thinking about trying tanking with lancer. Main problems are that I have only tanked one other time and there are no good "Beginner" guides. All of the ones I have found are if you know the class, and the skills, and boss mechanics.

Manek says:

Well … I'm maining Zerk on console until they release valk. This vid confirms.

Droopy 365 says:

Is their a difference between making a character female or male if it's still the same race

Träumerle xD says:

Great video! ^^

Luis A says:

Ninja looks sick & fun

usher PRO says:

i have a human berserk not a elin is that rlly bad :((? is it a big or small advantage to have an elin ? and your popri is sweet 😀

Jesús León says:

It kinda annoyed me how you failed to iframe every single attack of those bams/wasted the invincible frames just to reposition faster and then got staggered and so many other things, failed to show the true potential of a good archer, berzerker, warrior, lancer and ninja. The rest of the classes are pretty straightforward so hard to mess up there. Also the slayer gameplay was kinda sloppy taking too much innecesary damage and not chaining skills on time.

سجاد عبد الامير says:

Great vid but do u think that i should choose warrior as adps charcter?

Dimitar Venov says:

So practically you demonstrated spacebar with every class. Well done :d

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