TERA Online “Is It Worth Playing?”

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TERA Online is a free to play MMORPG that I’ve previously covered in a First impression and Journey To Level Cap Series, Once I hit level 60 though I lost the will to keep playing and abandoned that series, Today I finally found the motivation to play TERA again and make that final push to level 65 as well as check out a bit of endgame and wrap the video up with a Pros and Cons section.

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In this video I manage to get to Level Cap in the Free to play MMORPG known as TERA Online, an MMO that’s known for It’s fun action combat gameplay and overall weirdness, I decided to play the Gunner class which I eventually got rather bored of, the goal of this video was to wrap up my unfinished TERA leveling series and come to a conclusion as to whether or not TERA is a game worth playing, I suppose you could consider this a review since I have seen a lot of what the game has to offer with the exception of the high end game dungeons.

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TERA Online “Is It Worth Playing?”


BlackHat Visions says:

stupid normie

BlackHat Visions says:

uneducated fuck

White Obama says:

this guys brutal honesty is fucking hilarious

Fabulous Rye says:

You complain a lot like a lil bitch

thesaints147onxbox says:

13:44 oh hey its rengar

Black Mercy says:

this game looks like a shit now

Henry Ayala says:

you should try out lost ark

Gabriel Ice says:

you're using your Noctenium item thats why the damage numbers turned yellow, you should've try Corsairs stronghold 20v20 pvp automatic all will be given a default gear and it's up to your skill
sorry bad english

Sleepy Akeno says:

I've been playing for a month and a half (340+hours) and this is my honest opinion. The story quest is averagely boring to me because it is repeated stuff and its burdensome to travel long distance just to complete a quest. Every new character you wanna level up, you need to go through the same shit. The quests overall lack of creativity and storyline. The dungeons, after level 65, they are quite fun and challenging (only the hard ones) the others are easy and boring after awhile. What i like is the class diversity where each class is unique but i also hate the fact that they are not 'balanced'. Gearing up is also mediocre as everyone will eventually gets the same gear, (for now its guile/slaughter) and there is no sense of competitiveness unless you got lucky/use real money to get the higher tier gears :/. The community is not bad, well there arent many toxic ones.

Murky says:

I heard gear has no effect in battlegrounds. Is that true?

Ivan Belic says:

As a player of the older tera from years ago, and a big fan of yours and your vids i gotta say this one hit the spot! 😀 Great video, pro review, and probably as honest as you can be about Tera 🙂
Almost everything you said was done right in the past and was broken or went bad over the years and made the older players give up and quit! Thank you looking forward to your next videos!

mnlhkm says:

is this pay to win game?

nicudemis says:

how to play tera::: grind to 20, dungeon que. game is incredibly p2w now, if you wanna do gvg

Lilith says:

I just made an attempt to play Tera again but I really can't do it it's just so generic. I managed to get my gunner to lvl 36 before I quit a few years back and the whole Race and Gender lock on classes really kills this game for me.

TamaskanLEM says:

Sometimes I think about going back to Tera for its fun combat system. Then I remember just how unappealing everything else is. From the boring environment and quest to its goddamn Elins and female locked classes. The gameplay is completely wasted in this shit of a game.

Crying Elander says:

Wow. You have so much prejudges against any other mmo then WoW. You pretend like questing in every other game you played is so fun! Every quest is so good, but, alas, Tera is the odd one out. WoW has some of the most boring quests i ever seen – especially if you count how far mobs from each other and spawn time. SWTOR has a lot of traveling quests and quests which include killing mobs then can kills you with 2 shots. I mean come on.
" The terrain is so bad – f8king Tera" – don't pretend like other games, when you try to climb something, make it easy, Wow has a lot of hills which are impossible to climb you just sliding down.
What is more frustrating is that he picked easiest probably class to level – i used it as my first class as well and i can tell that leveling with Gunner is piece of cake comparing to other classes. His rotation is also frustrating – he rolled and then used scattershot. I though at level 60 you must know that roll resets cool down so easiest rotation is Scattershot- roll – scattershot…..
And then he is using scattershot as 1st ability. Level 65 everyone…. My normal rotation is – time bomb(slow, little aoe huge damage) – arc bomb so damage will 100% land then scattershot-roll-scattershot – arcane barrage. Goddamit, it even shows you this combo!

JoniTRIXz says:

I wont play this gane after the dissapointment i got when i tried it. Please, if your greatsword is 2m long, when you leave it in your back, DONT REDUCE MAGICALLY ITS SIZE TO 30cm.

Justin Castillo says:

didn't get to lvl 15 when bam done xD

The Crappy Gamer (TCG Joe) says:

Screw this game, the installer is broke and I cannot install it whatsoever.

Sebastian Plugaru says:

Dude sounds like he's complaining NONSTOP, maybe ur life sucks, or so u think… >.>

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