Tera PS4 Walkthrough Part 1 – INTRO & FIRST QUESTS | PS4 Pro Gameplay

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Will this be better than Skyforge… Let’s find out! Went with a warrior for tanking!
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Sofia Lily says:

It's funny how Amani in my language means peace…

Kate is my name being dead inside is my game says:

I'm playing through this game right now and I'm only getting to level 40 with my human priest and then I'm making a reaper

GL0 AM says:

I’m downloading this game right now I’m exiting to get it though

Saara Huovinen says:


Now I know what to do

Wolf Storm Wizard says:

Does Tera need expansion

Masssiy says:

Just Started Playing Because I Started Watching Sao

colin chan says:

Fking creatures just standing there

colin chan says:

Shit looks like a mobile mmo, so slow and retarded

LovelyZombieGamer says:

can you change your race and class later.

HARAGAN2012 says:

I have tera fortnite and gravel except it's a demo but it's the same

Xena Vamoux says:

Yo i feel so dumb playing this it took me forever to finish the first part, your video helped thanks lmao

Grkm AMV says:

29:16 THATS A LOT OF DAMAGE! 😀 (flex tape meme :p)

Harry Toolan says:

Why don’t you name your channel badass sayer

Dark Shadow says:

2nd elder scrols online was the most liked first ep

George asschew says:

I always felt I'd never play this games, cause of the people that play this games, lucky theres dude that into the weird shit

I actually got hooked to it.

Kaleb Scott says:

Stop saying badass oh my goy

Mr. Classified says:

Can you make guilds? and free on ps4?

ORYX X says:

Still crap compared to ff14

5 Steps for Improvement says:

Worst mmo ever … played it on pc 100% PAY to win

Kenneth Jones says:

Gaming sucks now. I liked it better in the old days when you just put the disk in and started playing. No 50 gig update and first account setups . All too much bother now

gamergirl 5317 says:

i love that star wars reference " i have a bad feelling about this" it's said by someone in every star wars movie ever since the first one,it was first noticed by the fans of the first 3 star wars movies,then added to every movie since,back when fans mattered

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