Terra Paragon New Hero Gameplay and deck tryouts/ Queue Dodge City lol

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Welcome to my channel! I’m Orseofkorse and I am a gaming Youtuber. The game I play on my Channel is Paragon for the most part. I do deck builds and live streams. Come join me as I attempt to make it out of Silver league, Strangers things have happened lol. I’m not looking to be the next Pewdiepie, Logan Paul or Jake Paul. I just want to build a community where people feel welcome and safe.

Posting Schedule: I will be making videos Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat 5pm PST. I may post a random times if something catches my attention.
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Agunzi says:

" Dont be a scumbag " lol

I hate the time they bring new heroes out, its always a Tues night for me, around 10.30pm, since i get up for work at 5pm, doesnt allow me to play that late, and as i work 12hr shifts, usually to tired to play after work, sat is usually fambam day, so i dont get a chance to play the new hero until sunday night at the earliest, by then lots know how to play them already and im playing catch up ;( But hopefully your deck goes ok, so at least i wont have to mess around trying my own concoctions and can just get straight into it for the time being 😉

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