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Welcome to TerraTech! In this episode of Terra Tech, we re-build micro tank and add on Artificial Intelligence moduals to create an army of Artificial Intelligence Terra Techs!
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TerraTech Gameplay Overview:

TerraTech is a sandbox construction and combat game where you design, build and command your very own fleet of tera tech vehicles, as you explore alien worlds and gather precious resources on a quest for glory and profit!

In the distant future, Earth’s natural resources have been depleted, and as a resource-gathering prospector it’s your job to travel to alien planets and scour them for valuable materials. But you are not alone! Rival prospectors litter the landscapes of these new worlds, and will fight to protect what’s theirs, and invade to take what’s yours.

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Terra Tech Gameplay Features:

► Construction
Using the building blocks, guns, wheels, and wings from several Mining Corporations, you can build varied Terra Tech to suit every purpose. Be it powerful armored combat vehicles, unstoppable resource gathering machines, sprawling resource processing bases or a hybrid of all three.

► Exploration
The worlds in TerraTech are procedurally generated and infinite, so there are always new lands to discover and more resources to find. Treacherous mountain ranges, luscious grasslands and huge deserts are among the biomes you will encounter.

► Combat
The intergalactic mining industry is a profitable one, but you are not the only miner in search for new worlds to exploit. Defending yourself from rival techs will take time, resources and skill, with success leading to new territory and new lands.

► Corporations
All exo-planetary terratech buy parts from the established Mining Corporations, which each have their own specific brand of mining technology.

► Missions

Completing missions and discovering blocks for each Corp will improve your standing with them, and gain access to the more sought-after components in their arsenal.

► Crafting
By gathering and processing natural resources, players are able to construct storage, refining and construction bases in order to craft new blocks in the game.

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If you’d like more gameplay information for Terra Tech, check out this link:

TerraTech on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/285920/

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MrkBO8 says:

Errol Flynn was an Australian actor i the early days of Hollywood who was very talented with the ladies..hence in like Flynn

MAD WAR man says:

Blitzkriegler make a flame tank micro

Gameboss NKB says:

You've erected a military of ai without the I

Ian Hudson says:

he should do a mini tank that is all mini oozeez and shields and heal bubbles

Sailent Shadowz says:

make a big mobile base! plzplzplzplzplzpzlpzlplzthere awesome

Dups says:

The song is horse with no name by America…… Best son ever

Muaaz Kabir says:

+Blitzkreigsler if you're gonna have an army of minion destroyers then at least put Wireless Chargers on them so they can share their charge with each other ( i thought by doing that it might last longer) Next up, Geocorp army!

Charles Neely says:

I'm so not ready for this year because of the kissing going on

casen low says:

Blitz does downloading terra tech need money?

Thedyx pvp says:

the big lag

the magic waffle says:


Petr Stuchlý says:

aaaand the garden isn't shielded and when it gets destroyed, little thief is gonna run away…

Daniel Lyu says:

Blitz you have both the tab and the ai model on mini tank so OF COURSE ITS NOT WORKING YOU DING DANG

Toy Bonnie says:

the making of the tanks take too long

NL Music says:

Why You Don't Like Met Mission ??

napstaton says:

the microtank invader does not attack me or take damage so im keeping him as a pet lol

Whiterun Guard says:

Build A Collector Tech With AI An A Selling Station And Bring It To Your Fights.

creepergoesboom 318 says:

does anyone else think that the sprinkler is a tortured device too little thief

Amethyst Archer says:

i am commenting around 2 hours after a new update it adds in a ton new missions for mining stuff and there's now rescue missions I've done one already and made the rescued bot my pet I've upgraded it a bit to make it all venture and there are tons of new HUD appearances, there's also co-ordinates on the map the guarding thing doesn't work anymore but ts coming back soon. that's all I,ve learned so far 🙂 ciao

Brot Zockt says:

Why dont you make a fence with the spider thingie blocks?

Brot Zockt says:

How does the venture cockpit look alone?

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