The Best Free to Play Professions in Anarchy Online

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Today we’ll be reviewing the best froob professions in Anarchy Online.


SoldierXav says:

Where them adventurers at mang?

Deadrainz says:

Hey buddy thinking about coming back paid and better than ever.

John says:

I would think, based on how dead this game is, you'd have to go meta or ma. Trader is extremely useful to have as a pocket toon, but I have a feeling leveling them up solo would get annoying.

Chris Sharp says:

Kind of disappointed when you said you were leaving AO for good. Glad you changed your mind.

Devin Mm says:

If anyone still plays hit me up sometime and I can give peeps a hand! Name is Ruffianz or Sinners

Murhaain says:

Compared to other agent options, rifles are kinda weak at high levels though. MA and shotguns do more damage, even pistols are decent.

Varacka says:

What UI is that?

RayneValco says:

I was really surprised agent made the list but not advy. Guess ill have to check agent out. See what all the fuss is about lol

Mill says:

Yo Tony; i want a quick catch up. Can you message me somehow/email 🙂

Luis Rodrigues says:

I remember having a great time playing with my metaphisicist and my bureaucrat (actually my love for pet professions came from Anarchy Online and hasn't dwindle since). Just wish Funcom would do an mmo with a profession system like Anarchy Online, or even Anarchy Online 2 (as long as they don't mess it up).

Nano Technician says:

NanoTechnician! Of course!

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