The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr – Full Presentation [HD 1080P]

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Full Presentation of The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr.
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PauhovXiong says:

That lore master dude could read me to sleep every night. Jesus. The voice on that guy.

Colton Workman says:

this is not elder scrolls… this is some bullshit.

Ltdsuperdude 123 says:

Is that Scanlan Shorthalt on the wall behind her?

Wildfire says:

eh I mean I REALLY wanted the unarmed class but necromancy is kinda cool

Digital Nick says:

entering game full of expectations

meet guy who salute me

"hi noob!"

uninstall game

Bongwater33 says:

But why are you nerfing High Elf so hard!? Race Regen is being changed to LOWEST Resource – so High Elf mages will be getting a stamina boost they dont need and any high elf stam users will get a magika regen boost- completely useless! Let's not Fallout76 all over this game!

play loud says:

Repare the eu server because all u says its empty bla bla .. the server chrushed like all the time

brocalfur says:

Sheogorath on the picture in the background?

Jonathan May says:

Cool, but; we want to fly.

Flight wins. Think about it, flying dragon mounts it'd be perfect. Let's fly!!

Thanks much.

TheyDream says:

M´aiq the liarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

RoseOfTheNight4444 says:

I kinda just want that trailer to be an ongoing series!

Xavier Bordas says:

The artefact system sounds really nice.

Sophie Auld says:

The age old question, who is playing eso?

xbaroka says:

good game ! on old shit game engine! :

Stefan Pavlovic says:

You made city of skooma addicts look like it is made by top architect engineers restoring indonesia old town.

Stefan Pavlovic says:

this is too much chinese plus hindu culture, so it's like the copy paste from real cultures, merge files and put a little bit of khajit on top voala you have expansion, it's not original like Morrowind, it's too fantasy, too clean and too pretty for immersion, it looks like it's made for 12 year olds which is a shame, im big fan of tes games and lore in general but this is just immersion breaker, where are Crassius, Caius and Falanu Hlaalu type characters, where is that madness of reality that gives the flavour.

My wishes for ESO team are:Get drunk, get crazy, have freedom, let your imagination prevail rational, and make f game look original.

Sheba Lathoria says:

The pvp sounds amazing but I'm annoyed by the lore wound. I could understand Sheogorath getting the other Deadric Princes involved in a game with mortals, as he often does. But for him to summon an artifact of another Prince is lazy…and lore breaking. Each lord can join in on influencing this war to continue and having the participants fight the war in the way of their sphere. Manifesting their artifacts they may help or hender an army. The fork horripilation could be summoned and when obtained it may cause alot of silencing abilities on magic or a skill where magic cast will have the opposite effects[heals hurting, magic attacks healing targets]. Umbra could be summoned by Clavacis Vile as an unique mini boss of the pvp area that has to be killed to be wielded. Once wielded a soul trap will be placed on the user draining his soul gems per x amount of time. If he doesnt kill and souls trap pvp players, umbra will take his souls and attack those around him before being called back by Clavacis Vile. Something to this effect would be great, especially seeing as Hircine is constant in game and not much is seen of his artifacts or toying on humans, maybe the blood moon shines over Cyrodiil?

Sheba Lathoria says:

Cadwell was Ebonarm and M'aiq the Liar is actually Lorkhan….
I wonder if we will see umbra flying around the world soon as well as numidiem and the dragon break? There is so much to get into here it's a pretty amazing set up. I'd love to see some skooma and hist pots. I'd also love to see some harsh environments that relate to the lore. For example, the waters in black marsh need to deal disease debuffs and effects to any races that touches its waters other than the Argonians.

TruthHurts 777 says:

Sooo… Is an ingame mic function part of one of the PC updates?

Chris Tover says:

Me and my brother are grtting this

Jacob Garland says:

I like Orcs better

Michael C. says:

Ihated the bugs it started with and the fact that in a group you had to do all quest stuff by yourself to get credit for it, BUT i havent played it since after the first 6 months game was out so no clue as to how it is now.

Mvndvs Productions says:

If the new elderscrolls is anything like fallout 76 im taking my money Elsweyr

H3NN3 H3NN3 says:

I nutted in my pants

Brent tripp Thomas says:

Dragons are back thank you god

Marvel Bound says:

I dont give a shit about kahjit but i will be coming back to eso for yhe necromancer

Devin Lerback says:

Please make a movie

Tyson says:

Zenimax really leading the way in the MMO space right now. ESO just keeps getting better and better, the devs really care for their community

Seldo Games says:

it's time to polish translate

Aaron McCaig says:

Watch them destroy the lore and put one type of kajiit in this

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