THE ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE: My Thoughts After Two Weeks of Playing

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For a little over two weeks now I’ve been playing The Elder Scrolls Online, immersing myself into its world, playing with the community over on Twitch, and just having a great time. After so much play time though, I’ve decided to make a sort of “Review” of the game so far where I lay out what I think is good in the game, as well as some criticisms from my personal experience.

A big shout out to the artists in the Discord community who took the time to draw some images of Jarl Enthorial!

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adradox says:

Nice try, Todd.

Zephemus says:

Nixxiom, you play PC NA, or PC EU?

Skarol LGN says:

Song name at the intro and outro?

Ody Northwind says:

To expand on Cyrodiil, there is a large power gap between high and low CP characters. There is an option for non-CP PVP, which I personally prefer, and you don't see the unkillable builds that you mentioned in this video. In my opinion (4 years of Cyrodiil) it is largely held back due to performance issues, and the large experience gap between veteran players and new ones. Server lag creates a lot of difficulties and bad experiences for new players, and those OP builds you mentioned are often guys that have played since launch. You can visit my channel for a view of different types of PVP, from solo to small man and large group play.

Tarreth says:

Moar ESO content!

Eric LaPrarie says:

Transmog / motive dye system and quests are really good the end, everything else is garbage pretty much. things that ESO sucks at…Guild system, Market system, PVP is total shit, The Crown market is so expensive, housing system sucks and extremely over priced.

Xibbas says:

Can you do a video like this for GW2? I would love to see your opinion.

Vary Anomaly says:

I don't have a big dick but I almost ALWAYS play in First Person LOL. Most 3rd person is when I'm forced to on mounts or in Werewolf form! lol This is the only game I really play these days just because I'm so sucked into it! I really enjoy almost every aspect of it, and glad to see someone else enjoying it!

I hope they add more into the Cyrodill world because right now, unless you're in the city it's very empty. It is a MASSIVE space an there isn't even much to farm in the way of materials or enemies so getting around can be a bit dull. I know exactly what you mean about OP PvP players, especially if you get attacked by a group of 4! Most of the time I find myself just trying to tank their damage rather than deal it to be a distraction! lol

Nattai says:

Me and two friends of mine bought the game about 2 months ago to try it out since it was gaining so much popularity. Really have to say, character customization was fantastic, everything I'd ask from an mmo. First things first when we entered the world was that the numbers were way too big and unorganized. It was very weird seeing a lvl 1 player have a couple of thousand health points. In my opinion the best mmo that comes to my mind, that truly is in my taste and opinion an mmo, a game which should be about playing and having fun experiences with other people, is defenately Vanilla WoW. The idea behind the game was very good, but since the game is so old there isn't much content that you can experience, which in my opinion is one of the few cons of the games. Nevermind that, whenever me and my friends first played vanilla wow, all throuought leveling we'd duel eachother and it would be so much fun having that competitiveness between eachother, as to who is the strongest one. When we tried dueling in eso however, we couldn't even deal damage to eachother, just hit our abillities, see like 2057 damage dealt and nothing happens. It was honestly something very weird and it caused our immersion into the game be quite unexistend. The next very very big con is that you can literally fight anyone that you want. I don't know if that has been made because of all of the complaining from single player teso players but it was something very, incredibly unneeded in a mmorpg. In vanilla we'd try hard so much and get so much into the combat trying to kill some mobs, it was like we were becoming our characters and actually experiencing it firsthand. Eso currently feels a lot like a great single player game, but that's not what we were searching. And also whenever I'd bring my critics and try to have a good disscusion with eso players, I'd always get the "my game is good you just haven't experienced enough to see it" talk. We played for 2-3 days and we quit.

Daniel Perenyi says:

@Nixxiom can you please tell us what addons do you use and where did you get them?

Mystical Goddess Gaming says:

Just wanted to come back to this video and say Thank you, I was looking for a game similar to BDO, I watched this vid, ended up getting ESO, (you sold me) and I am in love with it, I haven't enjoyed a game this much in a long time 😀

DiabloQFDB says:

Just one note: yes, you can be anything in ESO and mix and match, like a heavy armor wearing sorcerer, but there is a caveat: you won't be that effective in end game. This is something you can do while leveling though, until you reach the min maxing phase.

To go back to my example, almost every single light armor passive helps a magicka using sorcerer directly, increasing damage or sustain, while almost none of the heavy armor passives do this. That is not to say that there are no good passives for heavy armor, just that there are more for light armor. So eventually you will get pushed in a direction by the builds you want to make.

DarkSunRacing says:

Cp is not grindy at all , gear caps at CP 160 but character goes to 810, eso+ double inventory, bank, items a house can hold, gives you an account wide crafting bag that is unlimited space, 1500 crowns a month (about to be raised) which is the cash value of the $15 sub, access to all dlc minus the chapters (Morrowind,summerset, elsywere) special free and discounted items crown store, plus a bonus of I think 10% exp gain on everything you do.

Aden O'deorain says:

Can you do something similar for FFXIV? Really really enjoying the game and I feel like it deserves a LOT more players!

xB33RFART5x says:

This review is so good for the game. I hope this brings more new players to ESO. It’s such a great game with something for everyone.

Two Lock says:

Just came back watching you stopped watching you for 1 year because I've stopped playing world of Warcraft but saw the title in my recommended I didn't read the channel name but I clicked and I'm like wow this guy and just a nalstalga wave to go upon me was crazy

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