The MMO Hopper #6: Is Lord of the Rings Online worth playing?

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Lord of the rings online Gameplay


Brenz Stanford says:

No more quest bugs? I Wish…

TheMerryPrangster says:

Your first minute…. scared me deeply…. was like you ripped straight outta my head all the reasons why I MMO hop. Thumbs up!

Biohazard16 says:

haha, the graphics get a lot better the higher level you are. You are just in Bree land. A starter region from the original game. Once you get to Rohan, Gondor, and hell even Moria, you'll be saying "wow." Go look up videos of Minas Tirith. It's the most impressive thing in Lotro visually and design wise.

sain223 says:

I keep getting that this guy isn't fan of tab targeting style combat.

Timothy Wasson says:

Who cares if it's tab target? I like tab target more than any other combat… So what? And of course you have to pay; running a server for thousands of people is expensive.

Ceman says:

"hey calm down buddy" lol

Benjamin Smith says:

omg stilk cant commentss

Benjamin Smith says:

omg stilk cant commentss

Benjamin Smith says:

omg stilk cant comment

Benjamin Smith says:

omg stilk cant comment

Benjamin Smith says:

okayish vid.

Benjamin Smith says:

okayish vid.

Forrest Tilghman says:

they need to just make a new mmo lord of the rings game. better graphics and action combat not tab targeting. also put in a main story in it for your dude just like they do in star wars and have some voice acting in it. it is pretty bad turn off to play a game that just has texts seeing how for a mmo game you be playing hundreds of hours and money in to it. make it open world and have some choices to like in star wars that way you sorta have a rpg feel to it.

kpsting says:

The animations are still atrocious, though I'll give you that

kpsting says:

The P2P/F2P system they have here is a tad more complex than that. The only thing you really have to pay real money for in LOTRO are some of the later expansions – Isengard, Rohan, Helm's Deep and so on. As far as I know there is no other option to get them besides buying them from the Turbine website or Steam… unless I'm mistaken. Even without any additional expansion though there is a ton of lvl 1-60 content in this game (Eriador plus Moria). Max lvl is 100
You can buy the 3 extra classes from the LOTRO store in game, which uses turbine points and these you can earn by playing the game, more or less.

morrow oblivion13 (Morrowoblivion13) says:

(This is not a insult but some advice)Captains is not all about swinging around there is more to the class. I would know i played a cappy for a long time and lv 79. Captains have 3 lines DPS(RED Line) Healing(BLUE line) Tanking(YELLOW line) The captains buffs and skills will change depending on the line he or she is in. Anyways good review dude :)

Erik says:

Crazy looking creatures do exist in Lotro, they're just more rare, which makes them so much more fun and exciting to fight.

Blizzard Fan says:

I came back to this game recently due to the server merge and being contacted by old kinship friends. Having a blast. IMO it certainly beats how stale WoW has become. It's still a challenging game unlike the WoD faceroll.

JeffreyLXV says:

LOTRO is great with a great community. It is faithful to Tolkien's lore so reading the books enhances the game LOTS. That's also why there are not outrageous creatures, armor and weapons, nor even magic, although elements are magic like …and Hobbits are particular so sometimes their quest are peculiar.

Sage says:

Gives me chills to watch gameplay of this game. played it in beta. loved it before, then stopped when it became quite shit when they added the pay 2 win element etc.

Lotro-Leg says:

New Lotro youtuber, finding it hard to get past the twenties, a sub would be appreciated 🙂 Thanks to everyone who takes the time to look at my channel!

dtwelve2086 says:

should be called "complete the fetch quest"

ArcanicFire says:

You see, I disagree about big armour. I am a LOTR style fantasy nerd. There has to be some realism other wise I would change my mind about wanting to live in that world for real because for me fantasy has one of those main points of being something you wish you had. So part of it has got to be realistic otherwise you can't really be functional with it.

gamer7138 says:

This game is worth playing but you are describing things you see at the start you can not base it on playing 1 class and 1 area there are 10 classes and loads of areas and old level caps and gear

Gaj B says:

I just hated the character models, UI and animations, I could never get past that stuff.

Purple Frog Global Gaming says:

no its not worth playing

VOZIM says:

Idiot talking about what kinda game it is not knowing the smallest part of a what a captain is in this game. Such a huge role to play and so many ways to and enhance your group and gameplay.

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