The NEW Catacombs of Anguish! – Kingdom FlyFF Gameplay

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The new catacombs of anguish of Kingdom FlyFF takes the old dungeon design and updates it so that it’s not confusing. The whole essence of the dungeons – the designs, the monsters, and the boss, are still maintained. Quite an improvement of the old dungeon, I’d say.

Click here to play Kingdom-FlyFF with me:


ANdy FLy says:

keep this shit up aarky boy

Pricey says:

I wonder if there's going to be an Australian Flyff :l

Jose Cardoso says:

great video, glad you skipped parts that would be boring would love tojoin that server but im scared it's too grindy, and to play alone i wouldn't fine very fun i guess :/

introvi says:

why does your flamewynd have fire coming out of it and mine doesn't ;-; -nightlock

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