The Secret World – All Weapons Gameplay and Information

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Welcome to one of my Secret World Beta coverage videos, I will be covering all aspects of the Beta from leveling to PvP to information you should know about in this vastly different MMORPG! Join me as I take you through every weapon in the game! If you didn’t like it let me know why!

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Michael Groesbeck says:

What did those Hell-Hounds do to you?

brian lloyd says:

i am going to be a Templar with an assault rifle and elemental or blood magic

ThatRandomGuyFTW says:

I will be a Illuminati with blood magic but I can't decide between assault rifle or pistols

kjeld paus says:

pistol with blood magic and knuckles

T0xicWonder says:

Illumanti assassin with blood magic and a sword

Maestah says:

no snipers????? 🙁

FiIIerguy says:

You are extremely annoying.

Rice M says:

I'll also do that if i make a tank

ThePallash says:

what is the intro music?

Rice M says:

Blood Magic and Pistol for Templar
Rifle and Shotgun for the Blue guys
Blade and Claws for the Dragons
THX for this video =D

JanValentine417 says:

elemental assault rifle.

Nordlezo says:

This is made by Norwegian people!!! 😀

Zak Fraser says:

Blood and Sword all the way

Nick Sagastume says:

blood magic with pistols dammit i need with game

booksmyth says:

elemental seems good

AlexandarZ says:

The melee combat doesnt look too good, doesnt look like theres any impact upon hit. Has that changed?

Vault Stalker says:

Elemental magic is best magic.

Jansy Xavier says:

two words pistols and chaos

Gerbert says:

there's more to the weapons than just that…fist weapons assault rifles and bloodmagic also have heal skills, hammers, swords and chaos are tanking and the other three have support abilities…of course you can also just focus on DPS abilities. the animations have been cleaned up a lot in the last beta as well as cutscene animation.

S. Vlad says:

blade/pistol = class imo 😀

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