The Secret World First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

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The Secret World is a modern day MMORPG released in 2012 which was highly praised by critiques as having the best MMO questing yet so I decided to check out the game and see if it lived up to the hype, I played the secret world for 5 hours and condensed my experiences of this mmo into 17 minutes and give you a mini review of my thoughts at the end, is The Secret World on PC worth playing? leave a comment below!


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In this video I try out a buy to play MMORPG released in 2012 called The Secret World PC This is an MMO set in current times which allows you to choose from one of three factions including the Illuminati, I played this game for about 5 hours and at first I was having a great time as the story driven narrative and main story quests where fantastic but things quickly went down hill when it came to gameplay Could The Secret World be a good alternative to World of Warcraft or other MMORPGs? Watch the video until the end and make up your own mind.

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The Secret World First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”


Anthony Surman says:

you just swear to much man ……

Guillermo Ascanio says:

Skip to the end? I came here because of the rage! lol

kromac76 says:

Here's a tip for you…TRY TO READ EVERYTHING.. Especially in the Secret World, and listen to what the NPC's are telling you. I the first 10 minutes off the game you would have learned how to dodge attacks, use skills, WHERE TO BUY POTIONS AND FOODS. Also, you where using pistols and blood magic, pistols are DPS and Blood Magic is healing, so if you took the time to read what was in the skill wheels, you could have a build that does a decent damage output while healing your sorry little ass.

Sorry for the foul words, but you-tubers like you are the people that give perfect games bad ratings. I would say, go back to WoW if you dont like this combat system. And do us all a favor, DONT try the re-launch off this title. The review on this old title is bad enough as it is, even though i have been playing it since the Beta and still enjoy it every fucking minute i play.

郭磊 says:

Who else thinks of Gordon Ramsay when they watch Angry Pe–I mean Lazy Peon?


Lance Olson says:

Try it again, now that it's revamped as "Secret World Legends." The combat is more action-oriented and accessible, and they have starter classes to get you started better. The skill systems also seem different (at least a simpler UI, anyway). Health regen between combat only takes seconds now, as well.

30192 says:

typical noob, he doesn't know the mechanics and say it is broken ))

Luc Konosuke says:

you say 'fucking' just fucking too much.
But you're not the Gordon Ramsay of video game.

Horus Solis says:

thanks for the review. glad i didn't play this pos.

Hinke-baukje Bonnema says:

the secret world is freaking awesome!!!!
it is totally worth it!!

William Pannell says:

garbage player

Dan Lobb says:

Second time to watch, you referenced in your legends so that's why a really late comment. I like your videos, … you don't edit out your mistakes in game. I made a few of the same mistakes starting out in this game. The mobs really have a hard time forgetting you (really high agro). The extremely fast zombies surprised me. I deleted a character because I thought I had chosen bad weapon skills before I learned you can pick any skills you want. I actually like the game because it's harder. It reminds me of older games that have challenge. WOW quickly became a beer and pretzel game and many other mmo's followed suit. Now, to see how you like the legends sequel/reload.

salochin999 says:

my answer to your question is: your first impressions will likely be the same as other people who play games the same way you do so if there are a lot of people like that – which i guess there are from your subs – then you're better off stopping at the point where you would naturally stop as that is probably the same for them also.

The Gorp says:

Also this video was painfully bad. I don't know why you couldn't understand some very common sense aspects of this game, but you went ahead and uploaded this shitshow anyway. Bow your head in shame.

The Gorp says:

"Funnycom". Jesus. You couldn't take a few seconds to actually properly read/understand the company's name? The paradox you created delayed the arrival of this comment by roughly 1.5 years.

Robert Easter says:

Mobs are RED when they shouldn't be fought much does the game need to tell you?

Robert Easter says:


Robert Easter says:

Honestly I think your review of the game is completely shite…

TheGgmyster says:

Now that secret world legends is out will you be doing another review LP? I agree with most of the points you made about TSW in this review. The main reason I couldn't enjoy the game was the combat was too hard solo as a dps class in the first zone. I made it to the 2nd zone and stuff was beyond hard. Since I wasn't enjoying the game and it was subscription I had to cancel sub and play something else. Now that SWL is f2p I am enjoying doing the quests and side quests and taking in the story following the linear path of levelling. I'm currently 16 and have only about 6 or so quests left to finish the first zone and I actually want to finish them, since combat is more enjoyable.

Phonomania Zwastika says:

the secret world legend is worth playing???

Anton Petkov says:

It's time for secret world legends first look ;]

ThePipeMonk says:

Lol noob doesnt know how to play TSW.

Coakarian says:

Won't be watching your first impressions again when I'm looking for a new game. You made no attempt to adapt to the game, just searched for reasons to criticize. All because you couldn't be bothered to read, learn or take your medication.

Labro Doro says:

dude , you lack IQ to play TSW , please return to wow 🙂


if you choose to play with a tanking weapon like chaos or blade you would have survived better

Ray says:

I'm a wow fan and never played this game but I can easily say you are one of the worst reviewers on the planet lol. You have no idea what you are doing.

Mr AnonymousStar says:

Who is this teenage pussy anyway. Just play the game and dont be a bitch.

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