The Secret World – Gameplay – Death –

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The Secret World – Gameplay – Death –



polekpl says:

miał być polski -,-

Seza says:

This game is by far the best mmo i've played in a long time. I've played wow, gw, allods, swotr, and i can honestly say that this game is like the new breath into this genre that has been needed for so long! 😀

\esse// says:

maybe modern stuff isn't your type.
try it first then judge.

Christine Stene says:

How can you say that when the game have been out for 3 weeks? O_O

gr8gang says:

D.R.E.A.M.F.A.L.L !!!!!!!!!!

Josny13 says:

I cant wait any longer, imma freeze myself, someone wake me up when its time.

itsfirenewb says:

You got us confused with xbox.

Sean Collins says:

Damn. You know what, I would actually be willing to play this game even more if I could be a servant to Cthulhu. Oh well, I guess the Illuminati will have to do.

TheVindictusFive says:

Nah dude, don't group Guild Wars with the "shitty mmo" list along with Secret World. It's very worth it. You'll be able to get that console gameplay feel that people can appreciate, but with a giant changing world with online features. Imagine Skyrim; but once you finally wrap up the content "end game", there is still more coming. A good story to get involved in, with involving side stories too. This one is a record setter. It'd be a shame if you or anyone else didn't give it a try.

ZeJoJo says:

Pc gaming master race

AkariaHarbingerOfDoo says:

i'd rather continue playing DoTA 2 instead of Guild Wars and Secret World.
all these shitty mmo's comming out lately is dissapointing -.-
it's a good job tho, they arent making another console clone on pc like ubisoft has done lately -.-
but i will maby try it out when it goes free, cause i doubt it will hold out very long :/
And ragnar, get the fuck on The Longest Journey 3 where most of your fanbase are 🙂

Mr. Sad Tanuki says:

It's funny, because I've had my Xbox 360 since the day it came out, and to this day it's never had a problem with the red ring or messing up my discs. Although, very soon I'll be trading it for a PS3 for the free internet and browsing, considering I don't play alot and to have to pay $60 for a year's membership for something I don't play often seems like a waste to me. Gonna miss that 360 controller :/

jack48945 says:

Exactly, but because you don't buy a pc without the "pc section," the cost comes out to about twice that of a gaming console. However, for a pc, one can choose to spend a little bit extra to have a better system than a console for gaming. Furthermore, a pc game can have mods which enhance your gaming experience. Now I'm not saying that you can't edit games on PS3 and Xbox 360, I'm simply saying that it is one hundred times easier on the pc to mod a game. This is the main thing that sells me.

jack48945 says:

Yes, but it is logical to spend a lot more money on a pc than a console because you do much more than just play video games and watch movies on a pc. Therefore, you actually get your money's worth by spending more on a pc as compared to spending more on a console.

Ayy lmao says:

Probably. This game is based on modern marvels/legends/myths.

I do think even Slenderman will make it into this game. Even though he is just an internet myth made up not long ago. 🙂 That's what I love about this game.

Daniel Lundstrom says:

well, the pc is better then all the consoles put together

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