The Significance of Asheron's Call's Shard of the Herald Event (Part 2)

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Discussing the significance of Asheron’s Call’s Shard of the Herald live event. Part two focuses on daily life during the shard defense era, mostly on the Thistledown server, and for not only the actual shard defenders, but non-participating players.

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Aarin Edwards says:

I was in Wren's guild at the time of the defense. It was a big deal, and we felt a lot of pride and rallied to give support (as crafters)! Thanks for the nostalgia tour!

anton bacon says:

The dev's did not win, they could not kill the shard in game they had to reset the server in fact load an earlier version of the shard. The reason things were done the way its was it they wanted the shards to fall so they could have their big ashron vs balezron event. I remember at the time talk of two difrent time lines running but ultimately it would not work because of the way they updated the story on the servers. I did not participate as I was only level 28 at the time. I dont remember what PvE server I was on but I played on darktied and a pve server. The event was a big PVP event on the PVE servers and I dont think a lot of people cared to participate. I was neaver confused about what was going on kill the shard to realise balzeron but the shadow people wanted to realise him. I think a lot of people killed shards and undead because they would attack you.

Lkmdude says:

Came here because of a fact fiend video, really cool story that was told incredibly well. Especially liked your rage in vid 1 about how people didn't get the message. Would have been mitigated if the GM's gave actual rewards for not killing the living gems.

jasontube22 says:

I was Jason the Sorcerer on Frostfell and led huge groups including my loyal vassals who were on par with me through these awesome monthly quests. Me and my 2 vassals both got the final shard off BZ to create the staffs & helmets of BZ and went on to become Frostfell legends. Was one of the best times ever. Why would you ever want to defend the mob to stop the quest chain? That seems like over thinking everything….

Mike says:

I almost came when i saw the guy in the geledite robe. Oh my how this game rocked me as a child lmao.

David Miller says:

I was there

Tomás Batalla says:

Great, in depth two part video on an obscure subject. Well done!

Journeyman107 says:

Deserves thousands of views

Seth Catanese says:

I was there – played a Defender, Callope on Thistledown! Clan of The Dragonfly and friends with Wren the Blurry! I saw lots of familiar names along the way. Thanks for the trip back down memory lane. This was a great video! <3 and peace

Alfred Cicone says:

Very interesting. I played on Harvestgain server, so this was very nostalgic and interesting to hear about another server's experience. There are some pretty poor videos on YouTube where people try to explain what made "Asheron's Call" special. I think a lot of people just get overwhelmed with how much this game did differently than future mmorpg's that they just get tongue-tied and then they don't articulate all the unique mechanics that made AC great. The way you've told this story really does shed some light into how unique AC was as a gaming experience. The fact that players were so directly involved in the way the story progressed and how active the developers were at creating an ever evolving world for us to engage with was really unprecedented for online gaming back in 99-00. Add to that the fact that the skill system, which was not based in your character having a set "class" or "skill trees" made the game so interesting and every character unique. The level/skill system along with the magic/combat system is better than the systems most games use today. You could actually dodge spells, and use the environment to your advantage. There was a much higher skill-gap, which always makes a game more enjoyable if you spend hundreds if not thousands of hours playing. I really wish they would reboot this game, keeping all the core mechanics, and just upgrading the graphics a bit. I'm still waiting to find a game that has the vision that AC had from like 1999-2004.

Jon G says:

This was pretty interesting how TD handled everything… I was not aware of the herculean effort that took place.

Steve says:

Elite Dangerous is such a good mention. Players seem to be shaping that universe as much as the developers. I honestly can't get into the gameplay but reading about it is amazing.

An Adventurer says:

Thanks for the video. I wasn't a TD player, so it was interesting to learn about how that server handled its unique situation.

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