The Surprisingly Great MMORPG You Should Play in 2018 [Anarchy Online Impressions]

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HOW is this game still one of the best MMO offerings in 2018?
The MMORPG drought I’ve mentioned many times before has forced me to search far and wide for a new MMO worth playing in 2018. Luckily, aside from a few boring MMORPGs I came across this old gem, Anarchy Online. Is AO worth playing in 2018? Short answer, yes. It offers a pretty unique experience to most MMORPGs, but it is definitely a step away from what players might have become familiar with from this generation of MMO gameplay.

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Anarchy Online First Impressions 2018


Alpha Donkey says:

Best game ever and still is. It toke years of my life away and Im considering to give away some more… Please never die AO!

g3rb3r NarlyNez says:

… and he hasn't even figured out about twinking yet.

imsquishable says:

Holy shit. This video is insane. I was taking a drink while watching when stanley said watch your back i nearly choked. Kudos. Love this video. Love the game! Always welcome newbies!

Janessa Harder says:

Solid Video Man!

SHNIKO88 says:

Ahh i remember starting this game, it was my first MMO, I was like 11 years old or something. Played for 7 years or so. Came back every now and then for the anniversary. My main is lvl 219… nnnghh.. im a slow leveler. (220 is kinda max, at least shadowlands)

Brassbat says:

I'm just now seeing this game for the first time. Great vid, *2thumbsup*! I'm getting a bit of a SWG vibe from the UI and graphics…almost nostalgic even. If I decide to play this game, you'll be the reason for it. Thanks for taking the time to make a fun video about it.

Duarte Martins says:

Nice video,man. I don't play that much this days, as i used to but still love the game (started back in the day, like Tony or Cal, or many others that posted here).
If you ever need help call me to Slowguy/Ritamaluca or Fixxxxxxx (with 7xs) and ill be glad to give you a hand.

Seage Speaks says:

Loved this. The nostalgia hit, oh man. I agree with someone who commented before. Never been able to find a replacement for this game, and i played a LOT. It was just…. i dont even know… Anyways, loved the video!

drachenslayerx says:

you picked the single most boring class in AO, lelz, I'm a player since 2001 and soldiers are the most boring thing out of all of them,

Brandon Hurley says:

ahhh the good ole days… i better not install this…

midnytthunda says:

I have never been able to find a replacement for AO.

kosmique says:

also, since around 7:30 ish u talk about not having much skills 😀 just wait … You were like level 15 or so in this video …. there are 220 levels! (and 70 research level, oh and 30 Alien levels) so just wait a few months 🙂
my endgame trader had 5 toolbars full of things to do that all had their very specific job and was no button mashing … trust me u still dont know what you are in for yet 😉

kosmique says:

i cannot stress enough, how u MUST play past the first 50-100 hours….. the core and magic of this game sits way deep. you wont even scratch it by playing a few days or weeks …. u gotta get over the oldness and clunkiness and u will truly witness an EXPERIENCE , not a game!
BITE THROUGH THE FIRST WEEK PEOPLE … i almost uninstalled this after a day too ! would have missed out SEVEN years of an experience that keeps slipping back into my memories and rememberings on a near daily basis

kosmique says:

im just gonna put this plain and simple. because talking about AO is always gonna take a whole day of typing.
people who havent played this game will never know what they have missed. i played it for seven years on 3 payed accounts. i would trade my RL for a life inside its world 😉

Jérôme D. says:

Experience of the game is so different from a non paid account to a subbed one. You miss so much things on a froob account, you can't go anywhere except for rubi-ka, you can't equip anything else than rk stuff, you miss nanos, perks,armors, the shadowlands and all the aliens stuffs…. and yeah the game is boring at low lvl on a froob account, there's not much you can do!

Caloss2 Gaming says:

Welcome to Rubi-Ka, so far you've scratched the surface, when you get stuck, and you will, you can contact me or search my channel for an answer. 😉 Good review for time played though.

Fixsalot says:

if you like the sound track then try the expansions

Darío Pérez says:

I don't know how I ended here at 5 AM but I'm glad I did

Brandon Grey says:

Can you do a video on Project Gorgon? It would be awesome to hear you thoughts on it.

Tylor Goodwin says:

This game holds a special place in my heart. I have the logo tattood on me. lol.

Bright Waves of Darkness says:

This is sick. You've earned yourself a new sub, buddy :' )

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