Tips for Beginners in Anarchy Online

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A few basic points, but these are definitely a few points I feel will help you get more comfortable in the game!


Andy Dnetz says:

loooove the AO OST ! Brings back Memories lol …….. Played the Game back in 2002 and left the Game and my Soldier on LvL189, (Name is: Raaka) never dinged/reached LvL 200 and i played Day and Night……. The OST of the whole game is so markable and awesome…… Morten Sørlie is an awesome Composer. Love it!

​​​ ​​​​​​ ​ ​​​ ​​​​​​ says:

Starter area has changed. I get massive fps drops now and the missions are fucking obscure. The second mission is "help me put out the fires"…. ok… where the fuck are the fires? How the fuck do I put them out? Rip Anarchy

Mike Martin says:

if i could lead the creation of AO2 i would totally call it – Anarchy Online 2: Bang Bang…

and then there would be the expansion "Bout that action" with some sick class upgrades.

Cristóbal Correa says:

Nice vid with good tips. I tend to create three chat windows. The usual chat one, a combat one and a system one, the two latter with text input disabled of course and "Always Behind" so they don't bother much. Getting rid of the buttons and the wings on the sides menues is also a must for me 'cause I'm neurotic like that hehe. 
And yeah, you def should've made the vid on test server haha

James Drysdale says:

Why didnt u do it on test serve :p

Caloss2 Channel says:

mini tool bar first thing I do on an toon

Gareth Druce says:

bit last posting it? i was on test yesterday for about 5h to see how long it takes to get ID pass and guess what

SandyzSerious says:

Thank you Tony, this is helpful.

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