Top 5 – Reasons to Return to Star Wars: The Old Republic

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October’s Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion gets us wondering if it’s time to go back to Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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MrSevoliciouS says:

i think I've realized that you either really enjoy this game, or absolutely hate it. I very much enjoy this game.

MrWhite says:

yesterday started this game and its FUCKING AMAZING!

Eduards Verenkovs says:

Ah number 3…you can ignore that because EU is not canon :)

Kageross says:

Reasons to return or start playing it? And btw cutscenes? Really? Awesome videos, but they have nothing to do with the gameplay

vashts85 says:

This is such a shameless plug. None of these reasons relate at all to the gameplay itself and how/if the game is enjoyable at all. "Hey play this for hours, it's really repetitive and boring but in space!"

Chad Bill says:

I would buy this game but it is not for Xbox one, ea fail!

LatinoBadass says:

for each reason to go back to TOR there are 10 more to go back to KOTOR 1 AND 2

DaRkTyNaN says:

reasons why not to… 1. p2w so bad they set the bar higher than most other games literally have to pay for everything. warzones (bg) GOTTA PAY FOR THAT , raids? PAY FOR THAT TOO expansions PAY UP characters and customizations and weaponry only found in cartel? PAY THEM and the ability to use epic gear PAY so no i will not be going to swtor anytime soon not until they get rid of all that p2w shit and no1 else should either

Ozolz says:

lol go back because of cutscenes gahahahag

Zarkon619 says:

I love this game.Maybe i am n
biased,because I am a star wars fan. However all of the above reasons are not really new.

Joseph McGuire says:

Knights of the Fallen Empire is pretty amazing right now, there is only 9 chapters so far and the 10th is coming out on February 11th (9th if you have subscriber rewards like me :D) the first 9 chapters is already amazing and with twists and turns in upcoming chapters there is multiple ways the story can go. Your first taste of it is valkorian overriding your will if you go full dark but during the battle with arcan u choose not to get his help. This is just one of many twists to come, and there are hard decisions like companions dying, as they have announced in chapter 10 there will be desictions on who lives and dies. And personally from the classic story for each class ive completed (all of them 2 times im a legendary player) everyone has a laundry list of what previous companions they want dead. Tano vikk, scage, Quinn, vette, their annoying C2-N2 or 2V-R8 units that originally couldnt do combat aside from heals (now they can fight and have a nice achivment), and others for the fun of it like kira carsen, because if u romanced her and married her, now there may be more romancible characters so ya im killing her for lana beniko. Overall ya the game is worth it, they tweeked the experiance you get from missions so you arent grinding everything (though i do it to get to lv 65 before i leave taris/balmora) and there is now level synch for planets, so people who hated pvp servers where they would be low levels and getting ganged up by a lv 60, no worries their now at a set max level on the planet (note they still have expertise and they can cut u up fast if you arent properly geared). Overall new expansion pack makes the game worth another look!

Sindre Hammer says:

This video is pretty dumb, but personally I play it for the flashpoints, the stories(the writing truly is very good and fits into the universe) and because its fuckin' star wars, I mean do you need another reason than that?

Takashii125 says:

if one such as I stopped playing before the expacs this is a great time to come back because you get all three expacs for just resubbing for a single month. $15 for hours and hours of awesome new SWTOR story? Yes please.

Exotic White Bread says:

So i should play, because of the cut scenes…… yea, ok.

Nikolaus ladner says:

star wars ruined Knights of the old Republic because they wanted mmo. if they would have put this money and effort into kotor 3. they'd have made so much more money and legacy

Ketiseb says:

Nice try. No.

Your Every Day Internet Troll says:

People who say this isn't an mmo don't know what mmo is an acronym for

Yiğit Küçük says:

How much Bioware payed this guy ?

LegoSwordViedos says:

I spent over $200 on this game between preordering the collectors edition at launch, and being subscribed to them for over 2 years, and in the end I feel it's kind of a crappy game. It is hyped and was hyped a ton more then it should. Also many of the story's at least for the Jedi consular are boring and repetitive as hell. The grinding in this game is stupid and a waste of time. Light sabers feel like clubs, and I do not understand the people who love this game, How people are just okay with grinding away for over 100's of hours with very little payout for it with respect to other games baffles me. So you spend over 5 whole days to get a thing you really want and want to be able to brag about it, well tough most players have cooler stuff then you. Also the Jedi Consular class has to be one of the most screwed over classes in the games when it comes to PVP and it was very unbalanced between the empire and republic when I left. And the companion characters who for me were some of the only reasons to keep playing their story's end like train wreaks. All it is, is a money making scam. I'm currently downloading the 20GB!!! of patches that have happened since I left (seriously is that necessary biowear) But if things have changed I'll change this comment but I doubt anything is truly all that different.

Jacob Beaurivage says:

Your kind a little late because not even two days later after Star Wars seven came outit would jump from a slow 2% 2/300% jump a few users

TheMetalfreak360 says:

I came back, haven't played it for around 3 years or so. And I liked it alot. I am having a ton of fun and the hours flew by.

CuteZergling01 says:

The writing is not excellent , it's good-ish , but it is highly demeaned by the wooden voice acting and animations …

Drackkor says:

I won't give this a thumbs up or down but I would have put #1 the new Battlefront sucks!

Painmace says:

1 reason not to go back: The new Flashpoint search system

Stefan Harnesk says:

The Fallen Empire really made me love this game again. I was kind of bored with the orignal game, and the previous expansions but now I'm liking the game again

nikushim666 says:

There are no reasons to go back. Outside of the rather short single player story segments (consisting of a few small maps and a Flash point) there is absolutely nothing. The vast majority of the expansion is just fluff, reused content that has been around since beta. To detract further that reused content came at a huge cost (such as making leveling meaningless). As well as royally ruining the companion customization.

WotSForDinner says:

why are the cinematics a reason to download a 27 gb game? when you can just look them up on YouTube

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