Ultima Online – First Look – People Are Still Playing This Game 2017

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Ultima Online – MMORPG
Server – Atlanic

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Ultima Online (UO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), released on September 24, 1997,[4] by Origin Systems.

Ultima Online is a fantasy role-playing game set in the Ultima universe. It is known for its extensive player versus player combat system. Since its release, it has added eight expansion packs, a booster pack and dozens of free content updates. The release of Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn in 2007 brought a new game engine with upgraded visuals.


Music: ***Argofox Creative Commons***
A Himitsu – Adventures


grtormand3 says:

Are you still playing this?

Brayan Pagan says:

started playting this agin on renaissance server. very addictive

Shamino 74656 says:

Runs this on Windows 10 ?

emma.will says:

how can I run this on Mac? this is my first Mac, I played this game 10 years ago with my brothers, but they moved to Chicago and I'm left to my own defenses figuring tech stuff out

aguckraft says:


NeckRed Gringo says:

Dude back in the day I way a boss at this game. Had a castle in fulecca and half my toons were red lol. Great throwback. Spent so many years on this one

Niii says:

I love your voice~

Lance Rhinehart says:

I remember playing this on Dial UP on my gateway windows '98 upgraded the 500mb HD(back b4 HDD, SSD, even br stata and usb) ps/2 ports and serial ports IDE cables lol master and slave drives to 1gb

Dan Borwick says:

You don't need to start a new toon if you don't want. You can just turn the skills up on the ones that you want and off on the ones you don't Making a MULE toon is good too so you can have him run errands for ya. Had one lug my ore around a lot.

Jadohz says:

it looks better than OSRS

VAC2 says:

Like its a surprise they are still playing UO. Come on now'

aly edelmann says:

I played 99 to 06 it’s now dead because they made it pay to play too long. They should have freed it years ago.

Donald Boyd says:

Is it still $10 a month for the subscription, because that's what it used to be when the game first came out.

Herbert Brown says:

awesome keep tbem coming been awhile since i played myself love the take on the game,, great vid

HotRodderRecycler says:

I could sit behind your chair for 3 months where you play this game as your only waking thing to do. I would answer questions and and give tips on how to do things. Let you know what, what and when on game play that would be completely missed after years of trying to teach/learn yourself. The game is massive. The need for a three ring binder set on how to play UO was never made. And shows how clueless those that sculpt the world are on what drives an MMO. UO was one of the first MMO to take off and they did not believe or see the game would last. In comes the cheats and hacks and their greed to want to stop it. Three years later most players are using some 3rd party programs and lining their pockets trumped their TOS. In ten more years when the current player base dies of old age……..UO's other foot will slip in that 6ft.

UO's driving force from the start was the community. I was one those players that would help new players in game. And I hate to type says how much I enjoyed the game and wanted other to. With all the 3rd party abuse and boting compounded by duping. I later would not even recommend the game to my worse enemies. I still have 3 active accounts and have played maybe 6 times in the last 2 years. I currently am thinking of just pulling the plug and letting the bot IDOCers have all I collected in 17+ years. Let three Historic homes just decay. And no you may not have my stuff.

The game could be something again. Those that own and pull the strings do not know or want to invest in that. It takes less effort to make a new fly by night game that comes and goes. That plucks a few coin fro your pocket. Rinse and repeat with a new shiny game. UO taught them it takes more to keep a game afloat then to fling something new out there. Last few generations lack the honor and/or ability to commit to even the small things in life. Hell a car has not been made in decades that is intended to last as long as UO has.

Even if some hardcore UO veteran made 100+ videos on how to play UO. And lets say there was a fresh surge of players in a dead game. Those in charge would not take that new infusion of wealth to support that person to keep on. They will just milk that cow and not waste one cent on hay. Those in charge would still starve. Due to that fact after the cow dies and they are clueless there is a pile of meat in front of them.

New term today class is "Zombified Game." UO is exactly that. The game has died but still goes on. Thanks to the 1% that realize after a few months of game play – UO is not that elephant they want to eat one bite at a time. Last 99% invested too much of their time to let go. And they would not curse anyone in a will with their UO account information. Unless they are a hated enemy. UO should be preserved. But like a Cabbage Patch Kid museum – who will eat that cost and have the time to do that?

Bane BlackGuard says:

if it was free i'd play, just to play my old characters. but I can't see paying a sub for it.

Foster Closet of Michigan Isabella County says:

took a 10 yr break , and now ive been back a couple yrs !! still the best mmo ever in my eyes !! Hope ya keep playing Clobber

Briant Nero says:

This game is in Spanish?
This game is free?
Do you need to pay to play well?
Do you recommend it now?

Vyse Arcadia says:

I'm not sure how i feel about that inventory with slots. Back then it was simply throw it in, organize it however you like, and just keep watch of your stones (weight) to avoid being encumbered. Also that 2D looks so janky. I guess I'm just a sucker for the old styles. But alas improvements needed to come out of the works anyhow as it didn't keep the playerbase so its at least good that Broadsword took over the two decade old mmorpg.

Briant Nero says:

Este juego? Ultima online es gratis?, es mejor que tibia?

Sal Ramirez says:

I use to play this game in 1995 in Atlantic shard I use to love to pvp in minoc mines. I still have my old stuff in my bank my account has been inactive since 2004. Use to love this game but EA messed this game up.

HeinzP100 says:

Wow, I can't believe that this game is still in action. I put over ten years into this game. I may have to go back. I do miss UO. It calls to me.

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