Ultima Online New Year 2016 Harrower Raid

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Happy New Year everyone!
nWa raiding KGB. / 151 / RUHO / S!TH / !GOD
We got a decent pull from this raid, 24 out of 32 scrolls and 7 of them were +25 Maximum stats.
Lake Superior


Heron Dias says:

Hey! How to use the old fonts on uo?

Hot Donkey says:

I use to play this 20years ago, can't believe it's still going

Avrell Flagg says:


HeadelkoChannel says:

is this official server ??

SilverDude TV says:

TUTORIAL HERE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v71JKrL8vWg

alex lio says:

If anyone would like to join a fresh shard that incorporates some modern day touches like an Enhanced Guild System and optional Instanced Dungeons, check out http://www.ultima-shards.com! We launch July 2nd! Play with hundreds of players!

Kris Rucker says:

I love this game. If anyone likes Game of Thrones and UO. Just found this event, gonna startup a character and join Yew against orcs. Not sure if these Blackfyre guys are too evil for me. 🙂 http://www.uogamers.com/community/index.php?threads/594365/

Ultima Online says:

Ultima Online is back – 24th June 2016 !

Hasan BOZKURT says:

Bu oyun hala varmiğydi yahu

Štěpán Zrník says:

WTF Who would like to play UO like this? -.-

Олег Бутенко says:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AtEpfcCMCo subscribe for the canal ;)

Jon Walton says:

Bah! this is LS? I have chars there….Juan Valdez and a few others….

Andrew Berlin says:

Haven't played since I quit in 04-05 but I'm curious as to why fields are used so heavily now? I was on Siege then hopped to Lake Austin when it opened. Anyway glad to see this games still kicking. Shout out to Pikachu of AaA for inviting me to a solo Harrower back in the day.

darbycrash55 says:

UO with voice chat is just wrong… its not how t was meant to be!
stop this madness

Юрий Дехтярук says:

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Юрий Дехтярук says:

Ultima Online Шард Антарес, онлайн 150-200 человек! Самый старый и стабильный шард,на сервере нет вайпов и подгонов! сайт сервера http://bestuo.ru/18330

Humble Tailor says:

I look forward to getting back to UO. The pvp is exhilarating! Great vid

Lyndon Lee says:

Lol can't believe this game is still around been ages since I quit. Happy to see not much has changed

Yamaha Ultima Online says:

Come play UO Awakening!!!

Sebastian Insane says:

WTF This field , fight pvp rofl.

Corpsecrank says:

Check out all the freeshard spamming. UO emulation is dead yo.

CarlayToNi says:

let's join to my chanel, and try world of dread…

Working since 2003 … It's Amazing !!

Jeff Malterre says:

"They're coming in we need more fields " cut
"We got like 5 of them down, RUHO's in they're killing the rest of them" @ 13:00 – later completely denying any help from RUHO
Cutting it short before you guys left destard and wiped.

ItsVirus says:


Kyle Anderson says:

What shard is this?

VirindiUO says:

Rel Por Ultima Online is relaunching!!!

relporuo dot com

Rendix says:


ultimaonlineforever says:

If you are interested in Ultima Online- Join the largest server in the world, Ultima Online Forever for FREE. Kingdoms expansion coming Spring, 2016. http://www.uoforever.com

TheKinderViking says:

Come check out relporuo.com! Launching on Febuary 13!

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