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I do an Ultima Online Review, after spending years playing the game and leaving for awhile, it’s time to step back in and see how things are doing in Britannia. This review brings both what’s in game now, plus what I had experienced in earlier years to give viewers an idea of whats going on. Ultima Online is one of the longest running MMORPGs to date, and continues to entertain folks to this day.

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Ultima Online says:

Ultima Online is back – 24th June 2016 !

РаЗДваТри АС! says:

Ultima Online Шард Антарес, онлайн 150-200 человек! Самый старый и стабильный шард,на сервере нет вайпов и подгонов! сайт сервера http://bestuo.ru/18330

Mindshi fter says:

so what is ultima online really all about ? is the goal to it is to obtain the best gear to pvp ? is there a pvp panelty like losing an item or exp? i came from oldschool conqueronline where when u die u lose item u worked so hard on it and gives u the real feeling of pvp

Joshua Grant says:

Ultima Online ended with the release of AOS.

MMORPG Fan says:

There's a top quality, new server to play on for free named Ultima Online Redemption.  Google it or go to
w w w . u o r e d e m p t i o n . c o m

mrcitizens says:

thanks for the trip down memory lane. I was a ultima junkie between 99' thru 01'. Great review for the game, you did it justice but your right, time has moved on but ultima hasn't. To this day I still think it was the best game I ever played. If you know of any games that were as technical (kill animal, skin, split wood, make fire, cook meat, eat haha) out now please let me know. I will subscribe and check out other reviews, nice job

ElementalFact0r says:

Richard Garriott is working on Shadow of the Avatar, it looks like it could be the spiritual successor to UO, (If he had the UO License). It has a lot of stuff that made UO popular like housing. Private servers do preserve the great feeling of what once was

Josh Ryuk says:

Ultima Online still lives on with private servers 🙂 Man what a great game

Dan Miller says:

Complain much?…. What a horrible review… UO2D Client remains the best true Ultima Online. 3D UO is for newbies.

Pulseczar1 says:


Marc LoBue says:

From what I can tell, this server looks like it's a free server NOT run by EA or Mythic. Where did you get that information from? Because if it is in fact an official server, I would totally come back.

Shane m says:

Ultima Online is coming back with Ultima Online Forever, google UOFOREVER.

Eric Sowder says:

god i miss UO.. played for 5 years straight. even after i joined the army active duty. wish they would make an up to date MMO based on it with the same style. i would pay almost anything for that game.

dnuofntsol says:

I still prefer the classic client. There's free servers that emulate the old days as well for those that miss it. I don't fight anymore because it's so item based now. Stealing is harder with insurance, but it's still a good rush sneaking and stealing. I usually still pop into UO about once a year for two months at a time. I love this game.

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