Uthgard Returns! – Dark Age of Camelot

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SlurpEee25 says:

Loved this game. Played it for probably 6 years

Deplorable Papa says:

Holy Zerg 🙁

Rumble Shakes says:

I miss they old graphics, too.

Iñigo Zapata says:

Geez, memories of my luri NS…

Steve MGTOW James says:

this makes me want to cry. so many memories. this game was such a huge part of my life for so long. all the relationships i made. all the dungeons i conquered. the way the game evolved over the years. it's so sad that its all in the past now. perhaps if uthgard is good enough i will make a return though, with new joys to experience.

XpBottleGun says:

Hey, in what server yo uare playing?

Theodalus says:

is this private server or original? i would love to play classic… but i want official server.

Adeptzed says:

Aha! I knew I recognized the video creator's name, from D2 videos. It's cool to see a working serv up after all these years.

Thanks, Xtimus.

dragon lee says:

크 다옥 추억의 게임

ironsniper13 says:

DAoC was my first MMO. started playing when I was about 9 in 2002 and loved it for years. well into atlantis, catacombs, shredded isles? i forgot all of them.

after playing WoW, DAoC hasn't aged well.

bak j says:

yes I have played Necro.
See you after battle field

Stacking Fails says:

can you please make a Lets play of this?

YouTube Kids [DROIDZ] says:

I haven't played DAoC since 2005, might have to check Uthgard out. Thanks for the video!

ThePsycm says:

Watching this just make me feel so old. It aged very badly though ;p . It just seem like yesterday the first time I played this game ( December 2001)

lauriL90 says:

thats my childhood right here.

Gary Wilburn says:

best mmo, best pvp

vandaley says:

hey xtimus what do you think about camelot unchained?

Felix BeatNuts says:

Guys try Uthgard. Its like a full server. You have queues there like a headstart of a new mmorpg and the server
is allready up for 12 days now. at primetime still queues and the game feels alive! exactly like in the old days. Dont miss that!

Thanos says:

Uthgard is based in EU so the lag is over whelming. These was a freeshard on a 1 gig fiber connection about a year or more ago in the states.

Cassandra says:

My first mmo ever, so many memories from this game! Maybe I'll try Uthgard out.

radokhlebov says:

Hi Xtimus! Can you do a video with 100 pit runs? It's a mysterious place where people getting rich quick (as they think). I've found Ormus robes yesterday there. Thank you! Is it really worth it farming?

SkinnyGains says:

I use to love this game

MyYTwatcher says:

I miss my constant party from Lineage 2. It was fucking addiction.

Twilleh says:

Also do some videos on this, I'd really enjoy that

Twilleh says:

I played DAOC back then but I cant remember what faction I was in. I remember being a cleric and partying with people to kill stuff in a crypt near the starting area

coolstream1 says:

Not enough sweet PvP in this video… DAOC and Shadowbane were always about the epic player vs player battles… Shadowbane will always be my favorite game though.

spt2527 says:

loved this game so much. I occasionally look for Let's Play type series for this, but none have been any good. I look forward to following your progress through this.

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