VADER’S FIST – Star Wars: Galaxy at War Mod Gameplay

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Ki-Hoon Lee says:

Only watches one episode and says its childish. Probably watched an episode in the early seasons

Alex Giles says:


Brandon King says:

The Empire gave up the clones because, as shown during order 66, one person could cause a clone army to turn on the Empire and destroy it.

Collen Finlay says:

I'm big fan I love the videos you make

Justin Ramos says:

The Empire kept the clone army and continued to clone for a little then they started to fill ranks with humans the Droid army was disbanded

Suarez 9 says:

Why did you not USE at-at

Michael DePelteau says:

+DiplexHeated As others have alluded to, you've gotta watch the Tartakovsky version of Clone Wars. He also did Samurai Jack, Powerpuff Girls, etc. It's super dark, and the fighting is lightning fast, the way it should always have been, imo!!

KingCabbage says:

I support my local legion, 501st for life!

Unsnagged Lamb4 says:

de hade 7 million

Rik Elsbergen says:

10/10 voice acting

TheLoquendero29 says:

Delta squad actually joined the 501st after order 66 (witch they executed)

Aaron Coffey says:

Diplix bro, it was good but would have been better if u didnt spawn those battalions inside of the base

Thoraxis says:

the micro in this game…. im not worthy!!!!

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