Vindictus Gameplay Lvl 90 The Devil’s Cook Scythe Evie

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Soloing Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 2 Dungeon: The Devil’s Cook.
Boss: Orlaith
Difficulty of Boss: Hard 5/10
Tip: Crock pot slam, cooking weapon on fire ( Buffs Orlaith’s attack), and upside down spin attack.
Mini Boss: He appears randomly.

Lvl 90 Scythe Evie – BlackStoryz
– Character’s Stats –
* M.att 26k
* Def 10k
* Critical 122
* BAL 82
* ATT Speed 76
* INT 3300

Weapon: +12 4 Star Righteous Valor Terminus Scythe
Primary Orange Essence Effect: Petrifying Curse Weapon Lvl 3 Grants a 15% chance to petrify up to 2 nearby enemies for 3 seconds Cooldown: 30 sec.
(Only works on Ben Chenner S3)

This dungeon seems a bit longer, but it’s just the platforms that slows you down. This dungeon is also a great place to get your “Conqueror of the Sky” title, by just swinging around at that lava room. Beware that there is a good chance that you might fall on accident when swinging. The hook crates are unlimited.

The Orlaith’s attacks hits pretty hard, like his surprising acrobatic performance while cooking up your favorite omelette, but without any eggs. Orlaith is pretty aggressive dungeon boss, and you don’t want to attack him when his weapon spork is on fire. This boss can get real nasty quick when fighting against him.

Let me know what do you guys think about this dungeon at the comments down below! Thanks!

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FlowRealSmooth says:

i want to try out this game is it worth playing atm?

Levi Hackerman says:

My main is still stuck on Braha quest. I wish they could bring an option to make these raid quests easier like in season 2. I wanna proceed on quests just because of the story. Yeah, i'm a curious nerd who actually reads the dialouges haha.

Aibou says:

Hey man, very nice gameplay! 🙂 Just a question: you got any idea how to stop the charging attack of the last boss of berbhe (i think Will is his name)? I'm pretty sure it also gives you the title "heartless", but I tried everything and can't figure it out. :/

Madaoo Glases says:

how can you have 76 ATTS ?, my evie has 54 with +12 leo, Valor and wb force armor and significant on all accesories.

Himurablaze says:

I have alot of stamina issues with sycthe evie, i already had berserker es and my battle respiratory is at rank A. Is there anything else i still can do? i can only double dodge like 3 times and do 1 combo and im out of stamina.. My stamina always got below 1/3 everytime i didnt use insane reaper..(i have 160 max stamina)

VitalaOnMusik says:

I did the Hook title there. Everything works fine but it gets boring so fast doing that 500 times…

Rajivrocks Ltd. says:

I hate this new area I can barely see anything.

metayoshi1 says:

Guess you can say his goose is cooked.

Great boss design and really fun fight. Though, hate to say he's not a melee friendly boss.

The dungeons get longer as you progress through the story, so just throwing it out there.

Hope to see more content like this.

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