Vindictus Gameplay Lvl 90 World of Pain Scythe Evie

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Soloing Season 3 Chapter 2 Episode 2 Dungeon: World of Pain.
Boss: Judge Jamiroff
Difficulty of Boss: Normal 7/10
Tip: Avoid long range spam attacks, and DPS after 3rd attack.
Mini Boss: He appears randomly.

Lvl 90 Scythe Evie – BlackStoryz
– Character’s Stats –
* M.att 26k
* Def 10k
* Critical 122
* BAL 82
* ATT Speed 76
* INT 3300

Weapon: +12 4 Star Righteous Valor Terminus Scythe
Primary Orange Essence Effect: Petrifying Curse Weapon Lvl 3 Grants a 15% chance to petrify up to 2 nearby enemies for 3 seconds Cooldown: 30 sec.
(Only works on Ben Chenner S3)

This dungeon is quite fun and short. There is nothing to look forward to other than fighting the boss, and looting for more cores than in Season 3 chapter 1. The boss does have a mixture of new and recycled attack patterns. The boss can be fun, but easy to predict his attacks in a couple of runs. This run is good to farm for some gold, due to the fact that it’s short and less painful finishing time.

Is it better than Orders from Above? It actually is better, because of the core drops, but it isn’t the fastest to finish.

It also seems in some areas in the dungeon, there are different rooms that will appear randomly. Kinda like one of those secret rooms that you can find from repeating the missions in S1 Madness, or S3 Lochlann Plains. I am not aware of a hidden place to farm yet at this point, but I will be sure to let you guys know if I have find anything good.

Let me know what do you guys think about this dungeon at the comments down below! Thanks!

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How many people still Play vindictus??

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Merry Christmas Black!
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