Vindictus: Lann – end game gameplay demo; Twin Swords, Paladin Transform Level 2

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A game play demonstration of Vindictus. Raw and unedited and recorded using the game’s in-game recording. Converted .avi to .mp4 format is the only adjustment made to this video.

Frame rate: 30 fps, although a little chunky the game can be twice as smooth since it runs on 60fps. But it only allows you to record on 30fps max. Unless you use 3rd party software outside of the program to capture it.
Battle: Fomorian Leader – Shakarr; Type: Boss Party Size: 1/1 Solo only.


Lemon Chow says:

1:45 how in the world did you do that

Ozy Mandias says:

Your attack speed and crit seem a bit low here… what were your stats because it seems like it significantly impacted your damage output.

Ryukuxu says:

How many times did you have to practice this battle until you could fight him this well

Herpiema gerpieka says:

How do you use lightning fury more than  2 times?

TheHeroOfMH says:

Can you tell me what is your attack speed? You are hell fast.

samex seven says:

Wait what that transformation is it permanent? Can uou ise it whenever you want?

Kyrandis says:

during that mission you are in transform 2 permanently.

Jacson Challen says:

how did u maintain transformation for so long

littleuglyman says:

this game is too damn underrated

Chad Donley says:


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